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Top 10 Twitter Moments from #HRTechConf

If you missed out on the HR Tech Conference this week in Las Vegas (and had to resort to living vicariously through the #HRTechConf hashtag to stay in the loop), you did attend  (but were MUCH too busy to keep up on Twitter) OR you did attend (but the entire week was a blur)… then no worries: we’ve got a quick recap of some of the excitement that went down this week at the Mandalay Bay.

Drumroll please…

We’ve snagged the top 10 Twitter moments (in our opinion) of the #HRTechConf. From the flight to Vegas, the creative booths and giveaways and our favorite #TalkTechie2Me t-shirts from CareerBuilder; this top 10 list highlights the best of the HR Tech Conference. So if you’re recovering in your hotel room today or had to hop on an early flight home, make sure to relive the excitement from this week. Rest assured, no more walking involved… so scroll on!

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Attendees flew from all over to meet up with the best of the best at HR Tech. Sylvie Woolf, from ClearCompany, snapped this sky high pic on the ClearCompany team’s flight into Vegas. Check it out:



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So, CareerBuilder takes the cake for getting everyone at HR Tech talking this week! You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the #TalkTechie2Me t-shirts, and Twitter was abuzz with tech pick up lines! Scroll down for some of our favorite t-shirts…


Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.31.32


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We LOVE how Broadbean and CareerBuilder publicized their new relationship! Thankfully, this acquisition isn’t just a hook-up… it’s a long-term love thing!

Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.27.24


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This is definitely a booth I would have loved to see! SuccessFactors had their very own Cirque du Soleil performers at their booth. Bravo to SuccessFactors for bringing in the spirit of Vegas to the conference!

Screenshot 2014-10-10 13.16.09

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The GreenJobInterview team gave away a Fiat! Here’s Greg Rokos calling the winner of the new car! There were so many great giveaways this year at the conference, but we think this is one of the best!


Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.46.33

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Michael Heller, Founder of Pillar One Consulting captured this awesome picture of the ever-so-fabulous Rachelle Falls (@CorporateHRGirl)! As you can see the CareerBuilder T-Shirts were a hit at the HR Tech Conference this year!


Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.56.17


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Of course we have to pay homage to the Red Branch crew that represented us in Vegas! Thank you Maren, Courtney and Eric for showing HR Tech what Red Branch is all about! Make sure to check out the rest of the Red Branch’s #HRTechConf posts on our new blog


Screenshot 2014-10-10 14.41.40



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Chad Atwell was the final winner for the #TalkTechie2Me Contest from CareerBuilder. His winning tweet: “Get a chat room.” There were so many hilarious #TalkTechie2Me tweets and t-shirts, and we’ve got to hand it to CareerBuilder for creating such a successful buzz at HR Tech!


Screenshot 2014-10-10 12.00.56

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We constantly obsess over the creativeness of @HRCultureClub’s instagram (click here to see it), and we love this clever tweet promoting her instagram! HR Chick is hilarious and clever and truly captures the fun/human/insanely cool side of HR! If you’re not following HRCultureClub on instagram or twitter, you might as well just delete your account now.


Screenshot 2014-10-10 12.42.46

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Last and certainly, not least… nothing can top this tweet of Britney Spears and Cher with the Workday team!

Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.28.42


Have something else you think should be on this list? Tweet at us @RedBranch or leave a comment to share your favorite Twitter moments from #HRTechConf!