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Warning: To Succeed at Work You Need Balance

By The Branchers:

Wahoo! Thanks for joining us for another edition of our Red Branch values. We have already discussed grit, curiosity, naked ambition, accountability, get things done, credit and helpfulness. But today our company value is balance.

We practice helpfulness with open communication, balance and flexibility. Discover our individual definitions of our 8th value here:

To me, balance in work applies to more than the work/life balance. Balance also means taking into consideration what is important to our clients alongside what is best for them. Our clients hire us because we are experts in our field. It would be a disservice to our clients to not advise them if we feel they are working against their own goals. We balance their desires and intimate knowledge of their own business with our experience in the marketplace to achieve the goals and make everyone happy.

– Jeremy



It’s always important to have a strong balance between work and regular life. I love that this is one of our values as we truly do value this balance and why we get to enjoy work from home days!

– Eric



 Work hard, play hard.

– Kerry



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It’s important to have balance at work. And at Red Branch Media, I believe we exemplify this perfectly. Each day we set aside 20 minutes to have what we all call a “brain break.” We spend it playing pool, bags, ping pong, drawing on our chalkboard wall or taking a walk with our fellow branchers. Having this balance is healthy and helps crush both creative and writer’s blocks.

– Kyle



Balance is about working hard to get everything done and leaving work where it belongs, at the office, so you’re able to enjoy the other aspects of your life.

– Shalaina



Life is all about balance. You have to balance your work life, mental health and well being. When you’re having a rough day, give yourself a 20-minute break to decompress and come back to work with a laser-like focus. That’s what balance means.

– Kristine



Just like Obi-Wan said, bring balance to the Force not leave it in darkness. We bring 100% to every project and every client we work with. But we also do the same during our weekly wind down at Eatin’ Meetin’. If Anakin were a Brancher, maybe he’d be less inclined to go to the dark side. The world may (will) never know.

– Bach



Balance is the allocation of time for both things you enjoy doing and the things you need to get done.

– Kaleb



Balance to me is knowing how to prioritize your work, your home life and in my case school. It’s finding that perfect ratio that works for YOU. Things can come in waves, from deadlines to client requests, knowing how to balance it all and take a step back when things get stressful is key to succeeding and balancing it all.

– Molly



Balance is knowing the work will get done, but also knowing you can step back when things get stressful. It’s that middle ground that acknowledges your mental and physical health is just as important as meeting deadlines and achieving conversion goals.

– Jimmy



We have balance in so many ways at Red Branch. Our work/life balance is EXCEPTIONAL. We leave it all in the office. We also balance our day with hard work and maybe a game of pool or a short walk to solve writer’s block. We also serve as a balance to our client’s in-house marketers, which can be an interesting and powerful dynamic.

– Alison



Each of us busts our butt for 40 hours a week so we can leave our work at work and truly enjoy our time at home. Red Branch understands that balance is necessary to avoid burnout.

– Maggie



Well, I made it several weeks without using a total cliche. That all ends today! At the branch, we work hard and play hard. At the branch, balance is all about knowing that you can get your tasks done, but you can also have a fun time doing it.

– Anna



You will read ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ in nearly everyone’s answer, but that’s because it is deeply rooted in how RBM operates. Balance is finding the zen between work life and home life. We take ourselves seriously in our daily tasks, but we know when to enjoy life and work, too.

– Nick



You can’t have all work with no play. Being a great employee at Red Branch means knowing when to add a little fun to your work and when to take a step back and get down to business.

– Cassie


They practice helpfulness with open communication, balance and flexibility. Discover how all The Branchers define one of their #CompanyValues: #balance: Click To Tweet


Achieving work-life balance is something that comes with time. At Red Branch, we try to incorporate certain aspects of fun to keep things from getting too heavy. Whether that is using a gif to liven up a long email chain or taking 20 minutes to play pool, we get our things done but also let off a little steam.

– Madison



Balance is all about prioritizing. In order to be the best you at work and accomplish the most, you need to set your priorities and make sure even things at home are in order. This way you can go into work and feel prepared to tackle anything.

– Mackenzie



Happy workers make productive workers. The magnitude of this statement is overlooked among the practicality of daily tasks. Nonetheless, the results we deliver are because of our productivity. Our productivity is high because we maintain a work-life balance.

– Mitchell



Having balance is understanding that to meet our goals and our clients’ goals we need to be at our best. This requires the grit to get the job done, but also to know when it’s time to take a break or switch tasks so we can come back refreshed or with a new perspective so that we deliver a higher quality of service.

– Andrea



Balance is the happy medium between working too hard and not working hard enough. Red Branch lives by the saying, “Work hard, play hard” and to do that successfully you have to both work hard (give your full effort each week) and play hard (celebrate accomplishments at the end of the week).

– Hannah


A healthy work-life balance is what keeps the wheels spinning. If you don’t take care of yourself, in and out of work, stress can accumulate and cause you to burn out. Red Branch establishes a work-life balance with an optional 20-minute break every day, remote work once a week and the ability to listen to your favorite jams (Well, with headphones on of course. Don’t disturb your coworkers).

– Jessica



Maintaining a work-life balance is not only important for one’s health but can also help improve your performance and productivity. At RBM, having a balance between work and regular life is very important. From breaks throughout the day to work at home days, RBM truly knows how to put their employees first.

– Tridia



Red Branch knows that a healthy work-life balance is crucial to delivering top-notch results to our clients. Ensuring that employees don’t experience burnout is a priority here. Regular breaks and a weekly work from home day are just a few ways RBM encourages their employees to find balance.

– Jenny


Balance is just one of Red Branch’s core values. Interested in seeing the other core values? Check them out here and, if you’re curious enough, look at our job openings to be a Brancher!