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What A Week: A Letter From Maren

What. A. Week.

Since so much news in the business world is affected by politics, I’ve decided to write you a sweet little note instead of the usual #6Things. This note is about being yourself.

I started this week in Washington D.C. Surrounded by women, men and children from all walks of life marching for the rights of ALL people. Around the world, people were doing the same. I was undecided about how to explain my new (fragile) foray into activism to my clients (since I was out of the office). Ultimately, I included what I was doing AND WHY, in my OOO message. The response was outstanding. Women and men, in all stages of our client funnel (prospects and clients alike) reached out to thank me and give me support.

I am finishing out my week in San Francisco at SRSC, where I have been inundated with conversations, “atta girls” and support for my newfound outspokenness on social media. I did not expect my colleagues to agree with me (and I am sure they all do not) so it’s been a delight to realize that the more you reveal your true self, the deeper and more textured your relationships with others will be, even if you disagree.

There is no perfect lesson here, no sage bumper sticker to give you as a takeaway. I guess what I am learning is that being kind does not equal suppressing your opinion or the true person who you are. Keeping secrets or trying to fit in may lead to more acquaintances but it does not lead to more relationships. This realization (which I probably should have learned in junior high) is not profound but it is changing the way I see you all. And I hope it changes the way you see me. #peace