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Welcome to the Branch, Bach!

Heyoooooo! It’s that time of year when RBM gets so boss level, we have to hire fresh excellence. Today, we’re welcoming our newest jack of all trades (design AND social media intern) Bach (AKA: Mike) Mai. A stellar dude with two names? TELL ME MORE.


He’s a Vietnamese guitarist and foodie (it doesn’t stop there). His favorite quote: “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” I mean, no…or is it? #YouDoYouBoo.

This creative cat lives for the lively New York City scene, in fact, he would fly there in a heartbeat just to envelope himself in the DELICIOUS food, busy vibes, thriving artwork and new people on the streets every day.

While Bach weaves through the sea of people in the city that never sleeps, he’s mocking up Draft One of his (unpublished) autobiography “Against All Odds and His Parent’s Wishes: A Vietnamese-American Musician.”

His inspiration comes from the deep pit of video content on YouTube: “So many inspiring videos out there, as well as completely useless clips of people getting injured. I have a tendency towards watching dozens of choreography videos at a time.” Nothing uplifts a creative like synchronized dancing!

We have a new #intern for #design AND #social! Learn all about @RedBachMedia here: Click To Tweet

Before I reveal all his social channels for following, I’ll answer the question you’re probably all dying to know the answer to. What’s this (soon to be famous) Omaha musician’s favorite music to jam to while munchin’ on his all time favorite spinach artichoke dip? Definitely not Vietnamese music, which he has never really liked, but Say Anything, the first band he really got into lyrically.

Go say hello to this talented soul!

Twitter: @RedBachMedia