Social Media:

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn….how hard can it possibly be?

Well, if you want to use social media for lead generation, customer service or marketing, it can be pretty hard. It’s not as simple as posting pretty pictures and hashtagging the night away.

In fact, there are unique parts of social media management that many agencies overlook. Our social media package includes: design, reporting, long tail engagement, list building, chat management, digital advertising, and republishing to make the most of any content you create (with us or with another firm).

We take social media seriously and consider it a great channel on which to distribute information and engage with prospects.

Social media is an excellent package for companies who want to interact and raise brand awareness, as well as those who want a wider audience for content and events like webinars or events.

Social Media Management starts at just $1500 per month and is one of our most popular offerings.