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2019’s Design Trend Predictions Unveiled

By Mackenzie Anderson:

It’s about this time in the new year when you might start breaking your resolutions, but what if I told you 2019 is going to be the year that you are encouraged to break all the rules, too. Well, in design standards at least. This year’s design trend predictions have been released and they are breathtaking and a bit unconventional! Every 2016 design professor’s nightmare is here! The dawn of asymmetry, jarring colors and exaggerated proportions has arisen and we are here to celebrate glitches, ambiguity and excess.

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The Evolution of Design Trends

Design trends like these don’t just come out of nowhere; there is a science to why design has evolved to where it is today. Design trends are based on consumers, technology and recycled fashion. 2016 was the year when the medium screen was introduced to digital design. In order to ease viewers into the new look, this was the time of flat design, stackable and responsive templates. Progressively we have evolved to more lively and dynamic designs as consumers have become more mobile-friendly, making the distinction between digital and analog minute.

What We Should Expect to See

2019 trends aren’t completely random, instead, they are a playoff of 2018’s trends. Gradients aren’t anything new, however complex gradients are about to dominate the landscape. Gradients will add depth to any design, but complex gradients go a step above and add animation, duotone and intricate shapes. Another personal favorite we have to look forward to is evolved patterns. It’s going to be colorful, bold and creative to captivate attention everywhere.

Check out @RedBranch’s latest article for 8 #design predictions for 2019 that are sure to take your breath away: Click To Tweet

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2019 Design Trends Infographic