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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Ways to Start Preparing for Success in 2018

By Stevie Howard:

We may be a few weeks into the start of the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still start preparing for success. In fact, it’s never too late to implement new systems, programs and strategies within your company. The question is, where should your focus be?

We know that hr and recruiting blogs are bound to be pulling you left and right on where your efforts need to be. That’s why we’ve gathered these 3 resources to help you in a variety of areas including CSR, candidate tracking and big data. Take a look below!

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employees looking at a computerClearCompany: Choose the Right Applicant Tracking System in 2018: 5 Questions to Ask

New to ATS? Here are some questions you should ask yourself (based on thousands of clients over the years) when finding the right applicant tracking system for your company. Start 2018 off the right way…


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books on a shelfCyberGrants: Authenticity: Why it’s a Cornerstone of your CSR Story

A solid corporate social responsibility strategy is built using crucial backbones like values, mission statements, and data. At the root of each, is one small word filled with a great deal of meaning: authenticity. Build your perfect CSR story…


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employee looking at data on a computerTalent Tech Labs: More Than a Trend – Big Data is Poised to Make a Bigger Impact

In 2015, Talent Tech Labs published a report focusing on big data. However, big data became more than just a trend – it’s sticking around for the long haul! Get an inside look…


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