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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Apr. 13)

Wow this workweek was a little crazy! Acquisitions dominated the headlines this week and if you don’t know these things, you don’t know recruiting:


LinkedIn bought online tutorial behemoth Lynda.com.

What does this mean for jobseekers? What does it mean for Recruiters? ALL the wrong questions, what does it mean for the SKILLS GAP!? Get your big girl pants on because this could really change the way people source new hires. I predict certifications galore and a big fat revenue stream for LinkedIn once they pay off the gajillion dollar acquisition price. Lots of folks are complaining that Lynda will never be the same, but that seems like short-term thinking when this could do for developers and STEM what we’ve been waiting for, which is allowing companies to educate or subsidize education for the skills they need during or before the onboarding process. Amirite? Yes. I am. (TechCrunch)


WilsonHCG, a recruitment process outsourcing firm, purchased Canadian recruiting outfit Head2Head. Interesting move, interesting week. They also just purchased Sumner Grace. I feel like outsourcing professional services is a good game to be in right about now… (WilsonHCG)


OpenViewLabs attended SourceCon and basically gave us some seriously valuable breakdowns of one of the most talked about sessions. Read it to become a better recruiter. Candidates tell all! (OpenViewLabs)


It’s real folks and if Mary Poppins can’t make you get that… (FunnyOrDie)