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#6Things: 6.6 Mil, Future of Work and You Are NOT Getting that Promotion

By Maren Hogan:

A job for everyone and everyone for a job (via Josh Akers)

According to WaPo, March marked the first time there has been a job opening for every unemployed person since the Labor Department began keeping track of job openings in 2000. Daaaaang! Whether those people are qualified for those jobs or will deign to do them, is another matter altogether. (WaPo)

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Behind the folksy tone is the heart of a radical

Spoken like a true John Sumser. I cannot wait to read Tim Sackett’s book (I am waiting because unlike everyone else, Tim has not sent me an autographed copy) but the review of the said book by John Sumser, the slightly hippie, very sage lead analyst over at HRExaminer. It’s a rock solid review that gives insight into who the book was written for and who might be better off simply skimming it. As for me, well I will read it just as soon as it gets here, Tim! (HRExaminer)

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There are 3 Sides to Every Story…

And the HRBartender cuts to the heart of it with her answer to an angry reader who was passed over for a promotion, after being promised the gig. Sharlyn Lauby explains to the job seeker that while her position seems crystal clear to her, how to consider the situation as seen through the eyes of the employer and then gives solid, actionable steps for both the disgruntled employee and the employer who so badly bungled the communications. (HRBartender)

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It’s like lightning before the thunder

Lars Schmidt and George Larocque, two of my arguably favorite people, teamed up to create a survey about the future of work. Taken by and large by HR professionals, the results are not only informative and interesting (said by a marketer FOR HR Tech vendors, an employer branding firm AND someone who continues to want to grow her company) but beautifully presented. If you haven’t treated yourself to a gander, do so now! It’s a true labor of love and has very reliable and practical information! (HROS)

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Where do we go now?

Well, if you are listening to Hung Lee, again a Hogan favorite, you’ll have a breadth of choices. His big bad book of rad-ass recruiting conferences (he uses a different title) can be found here (he has a different title though). One really great benefit of the spreadsheet is that its based in Google Drive, so you don’t have to pay for it (even with your information) and one can contribute to it anytime they want. (Recruiting Brainfood)

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I’m more of a reader?

Peter Gold recommends this tool for transcription and noted it was totally able to easily transcribe interviews, even when difficult accents presented themselves. I use UberConference to record all my calls, so this will come in VERY handy. (Temi)

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