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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Apr. 20)

Time to start the workweek, again! The HR space never disappoints! In fact, this week was particularly awesome due to the following:

Just so you know

Red Branch Media is Awesome (Red Branch Media) Check out this new page that pretty much describes how great we are!


Not just a song by John Mayer, Kerry Pivovar and Me (I mostly just edited and got irritated at the guy) wrote about Dan Price’s decision to raise his salaries to $70k. But Jim Durbin played voice of caution with me! (LinkedIn)

Um, there is a whol lotta shakin going on

A certain video-interviewing company may be announcing some big changes soon. Pay attention! (GreenJobInterview)


Need some help. Who else really hates crowdsourcing? – @mattcharney

This. Is. So. Messed. Up


There’s still time to sign up!

SocialHR is set to hit Omaha this May. Click the link and get in on the action! We’d love to see your face.