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#6Things: A Career you Love, Diversity Page HOF and the Thirstiest Study EVER

By Maren Hogan:

Work, Work, Work via Shane Gray

We write a lot about work. The people reading this write a lot about work. For nearly all of us, much of life is spent working on work.

In Wait But Why, Tim Urban goes deep into why choosing the right career path for you, is not only super important, but it can change your life. It’s not a matter of choice A or choice B, it’s really much deeper than that. And since it’s such an important part of your life…finding the right career path for you is much harder than the world might have us think. It involves a workflow, an octopus and a pretty nifty pie chart. (Wait But Why)

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Don’t Be This Guy

Diversity in recruitment is one of the topics popping off the page at conferences and being discussed over cocktails after work, but elevating the discussion so underrepresented people can be heard is SO MUCH HARDER than people realize. Case in point, ask why there aren’t more opportunities for black designers and accompany it with a great op-ed, get a response like this.

Toward the end, Patrick even goes so far as to state that employment discrimination doesn’t exist in this day and age. Jaw. Dropped. On. The. Floor. (Tech Inclusion Group)

What should I use to schedule for groups?

Joshua Jones recently wrote that ScheduleOnce is retiring and asked what alternatives his fellow recruiters and sourcers like. Answers ranged from Calendly, which apparently has a group function now, to Assistant.to (which may not work with Outlook) and TeamUp, which works but is so 2000-late. The winner seemed to be Doodle, with votes from Amybeth Quinn and Justin Riley. (Doodle)

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If you want to start a conversation

Call William Tincup. After starting a conversation around his issues with HRTech giant Workday, Tincup (fortunately for me) posted a more formal gathering of his thoughts on LinkedIn. To date, it has 168 comments and is growing. It’s an honest question with very salient points, but as is the custom in our space, it’s NOT OKAY when tackling sacred cows. (LinkedIn)

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Kick-Ass Diversity Pages








You’re not special! We’re Special!

In the most thirsty study EVER, it’s been proven that Gen X is changing work, not millennials. I guess we just write about them all the time to take the heat off us, the truly important ones. From the study:

Gen X is the most connected generation. Nielsen found that Gen Xers use social media 40 minutes more each week than millennials. They were also more likely than millennials to stay on their phones at the dinner table and spend more time on every type of device — phone, computer, or tablet. And, as it turns out, Gen X is bringing this connectivity to work.

They could be like…out doing actual stuff though? (CNBC)


Here’s a smart woman talking about organic list growth. (Annemarie Dooling)

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