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#6Things: It was Always You, Khafka & Goldman Sachs Gets Moral All of a Sudden

With Time Off For Good Behavior

via George Larocque (@glarocque)

Money follows opportunity…and right now, not treating your employees, particularly your female employees, is paying off big time. A VC firm has started ranking companies based on their behavior…this can be anything from paying living wages to sexual harassment lawsuits…check this out:

Target has recently bucked the retail industry by raising hourly wages to at least $11 an hour, with a commitment to go to $15 an hour by the end of 2020. And major corporations are likely to have more money to spend in the years ahead, as the all-but-enacted corporate tax cuts take hold. So far, as Just Capital points out, most are choosing to increase dividend payments to shareholders or buy back their own shares, rather than invest in their workforces. A survey of 302 public companies in July found that 65% planned to use the tax windfall for dividends, while 46% said they planned stock buybacks. Home Depot recently said it would spend $15 billion to purchase its own shares (fewer shares in circulation normally means prices go up).

Here’s the real rub: Goldman Sachs is making use of the ranking to create an exchange-traded fund (ETF) of the highest scoring companies in each issue category. Like other impact-focused ETFs, it will allow everyday investors to put money into a basket of stocks that reflect their values (or come closer to their values). (FastCo)

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Need to Test Web Ideas?

Here are some entrepreneur ideas on how to do it fast:

Row Row Row Your Boat

via John Sumser (@JohnSumser)

Is your company using the same words over and over in your job advertisements? It could mean more than you think. In the Textio Word Nerd blog, they say, “the patterns that show up across your company’s jobs show what you truly value.”

When your PR talks about work/life balance, but your team consistently advertises jobs that are work hard/play hard, your team is the one telling the truth.

How do they know? Well, they basically analyze job ads for a living, and they took the top 10 tech companies to see just what they said most. From Facebook’s ruthless, to amazon’s wicked, the results are pretty telling. Check it. (textio.ai)

Bye Felicia!

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Is what Robin Roberts (@RobinRoberts) said to Miss Omarosa (@Omarosa45) but what happens when you let someone go and they basically tell you your workplace is a booze and drug-fueled sex palace/warehouse? Well, Ruth Umoh (@ruthumohnews) gives us the skinny in her new CNBC series HR Confidential. Got something to say (anons obvs):

HR Confidential is a new series focusing on the issues HR managers face and their most memorable workplace stories. If you’d like to tell your story, email ruth.umoh@nbcuni.com.

G’on, Tell us how it really is….(CNBC)

I Did NOT Know This

via Michael Glenn (@Glennlist)

Did you know LinkedIn has it’s (sic) own language that is used by Netflix, Paypal, Uber, Spotify, Walmart, eBay and many others??

It’s called Khafka and it was developed by LinkedIn engineers to handle real-time data streaming.

So maybe we should all learn this so when three companies own the entire world we can like try to figure out their secret messages to the Koch brothers or whatever corpulent white man takes their place? (FB)

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He’s Got it Bad…

Of course, I mean Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico), he of Buzzfeed and London tube fame. He’s headed to Workable to lend his considerable intellect to an already pretty impressive product. This line could be in a valentine:

For me this wasn’t about joining any old vendor, I could only ever have joined Workable.

Awwwww! JK Matt, thanks for buying me dinner that time and it was fun stumbling around London with you and your then-fiancee! (Workable)

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