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#6Things: HRConfidential, Top Conferences and An EB Mystery!

By Maren Hogan:

When Your Interns Turn Against You

Sometimes I paraphrase because I KNOW people do not want their private business issues busted out for everyone to see. But this one was particularly interesting. The OP mentioned that they’d had multiple interviews with an intern from a school they had a pretty intense history with. Upon offer of the internship, the intern went ballistic and reported the company to the school when he learned the opportunity was unpaid.

While this situation is interesting OF COURSE, I was more interested in what people in the comments had to say (all the internet exists in the comments). People responded on both ends of the spectrum. Many suggested he simply pay the intern what he/she desired. Others stated the OP (company owner) should blast the intern publicly. But the most common response BY FAR was from other business owners who thought that any request for negotiating starting pay should be met with an OFFER RESCINDED. What thinks you?

When an intern or new hire asks for money/more money, do you:

  1. Rescind the offer
  2. Tell them it’s non-negotiable
  3. Give in to the offer
  4. Negotiate
  5. Other

(HR Confidential)

What's your take: If an intern or new hire asks for money/more money, do you 1. Rescind, 2. Say it's non-negotiable, 3. Give what they're asking, 4. Negotiate or 5. Other? Click To Tweet

HR Advocacy- How Does It Work?

(via Mark Willaman)

So we’ve been using the social advocacy tool from HRMarketer for the last couple of months and we could not be happier. One of the things it measures is accountability when it comes to social sharing among groups that are supporting one another and understanding which of your employees is driving more employer branding and/or sales. However, this week they came out with a pretty cool list that listed conferences by tweet or social engagement overall. They also listed how many influencers (as determined by their algorithm and research) tweeted from each conference, which produced an entirely different list. Here’s list one (based on number of tweets):

hrmarketer influencers listTo see the other influencer one, you gotta click the button brah! (HRMarketer)

Have you heard about @HRMarketer's latest update? If you plan to be at an HR conference this year, you need to see this: Click To Tweet

Onboarding is Hard

And we mess it up all the time. But beautiful.ai gives you a free template to potentially make your onboarding process a little easier. Here it is. Don’t say I never gave you anything. (Beautiful.ai)

Who doesn't love templates? If you are one of the many who struggle with employee #onboarding, check out this free resource from @BeautifulAI_: Click To Tweet

Guess Who Said It?

“Don’t overthink measurement, dashboards, tracking, data and so on of branding or sourcing. You don’t need a fancy dashboard or even standard metrics. The fact you even USE sourcing in these common and critical areas more than 20 percent of the time is all the indicator you need that you have work to do in branding.”

This self-proclaimed data geek said that if you have to source for regular-ass roles in your company, you’re probs sucking it up in branding. Who is it? (FB)

It Would Take Me To April 10 To…

Earn as much money as you, if you’re a man reading this. Women of color fare FAAAAAAR worse.

You can pretend the wage gap doesn’t exist all you want but…you’re on the wrong side of history. (CLOMedia)

'You can pretend the #WageGap doesn't exist all you want...you're on the wrong side of history.' @MarenHogan, courtesy to @CLOmedia #EqualPayDay Click To Tweet

Sometimes the big guys don’t have it all figured out

IBM is being sued by the state of Pennsylvania for a botched $170 Million Workforce system that never…worked.

Josh Akers, my friend and colleague mentioned this earlier this week. Interesting. (FB)

Did you know IBM is being sued by the state of Pennsylvania? Check out the details in this #6Things. Credit to @jdakers: Click To Tweet


Speaking of onboarding, this email apparently increases new hire productivity by 25%! Via INC

What do these names have in common?


employers stop asking for doctors notes