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#6Things: Implant Parties, Workforce for Dummies, and Conflicted about #GirlBoss

Ready to fill out your SNAPlication?

That’s what one company is doing to bring a new and let’s face it, exhausting twist to the already overburdened and under effective application. But hey, at least the marketing department gets to make a new custom filter! But seriously, author Mark Mansour (@MarkMansour01), who’s covering the trend on ERE has this to say:

The trend to implement Snapchat in employer branding has had some critics. I have repeatedly stated at conferences, through tweets, LinkedIn status updates, meetups, and my Snaps, that we will see a massive uptake in businesses using Snap for recruitment. 

The daily usage is insane (161 million daily active users or DAUs!) How can you argue with their numbers? Snapchat’s biggest user base is in North America, with 69 million DAUs in the continent at the end of the fourth quarter. In Europe (excl Russia and Turkey) it had 53 million DAUs. (ERE)

Anything Monster Does CB can Do Better…

Now that all the big boards have been purchased, the final one is going on the block. CareerBuilder is in talks with GTCR to purchase it for like a BAJILLION dollars. Or a billion. Read all the smart analyst stuff and facts here. (ERE…again)

Basic Labor Lessons For The President

So, sometimes, you become president and it’s like REALLY hard you guys and you can’t be bothered to understand things like y’know the workforce. Fortunately, some people study and calculate that shit all the live long day. I know you won’t be reading this since you are bombing things without congressional approval and don’t, like, actually read, but for the rest of us…call us say, the information nation, it’s good to know.

Here are the basic concepts used by the BLS:

  • People with jobs are employed.
  • People who are jobless, looking for a job and available for work are unemployed.
  • The labor force is made up of the employed and the unemployed.
  • People who are neither employed nor unemployed are not in the labor force.

In other words, a person working some period during the week is considered employed. A person who was laid off and is seeking a new job is unemployed. And a person who is a stay-at-home parent or retired is not in the labor force. (WaPo)


I don’t really know how I feel about this at all. (Netflix)

You know this is crazy

I can barely tolerate seeing my employees’ shenanigans on SnapChat, I definitely do not want to implant them with a microchip. Marc Coleman brought this story to my attention and by the time you read about employees getting these implanted to “buy smoothies” and the “implant parties”, you will question your own sanity, and possibly will to live. Do not do this. This is weird. Don’t let the robots win! (Yahoo! Finance)

Your Interns Stink

At least compared to Adobe’s and mine. At both aforementioned companies, which have now been linked in the same sentence by a prominent HR blogger, treat their interns like part of the company from the get-go. You know instead of glorified coffee lackeys. There’s no stapling, just rad, meaningful work. Like when Wang invented DeepFont. Read the article if that makes no sense. And remember Adobe and Red Branch Media…same. (FastCo)