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#6things: Ireland, Purple Squirrels and How to Give to Harvey Peeps

Per My Last Email

Wanna be petty AF? Here is a list of phrases compiled by compilation powerhouse BuzzFeed (seriously, you don’t want to see some of that stuff but it’s in your FB feed anyway!!) If you have ever clapped back at a coworker, you’re familiar…(BF)

Stop Sending Your Kids To College

Just kidding, but seriously, you need to consider whether or not your child is ready for academia or might be more suited for making serious bank, avoiding serious debt and contributing to the growing problem of not having anyone that knows HOW TO ACTUALLY DO A THING. (PBS)

Sorry Not Sorry

Here are a bunch of things never to apologize for, along with very adorable graphs. If you see these coming out of Red Branch soon, we’re not plagiarizing, simply imitating, which, as you know…(Forbes)

When Martin Speaks….

Been thinking. Houston will need to be rebuilt. That’s going to require serious labor, the large majority of it manual (really, all of it). Before the storm, builders nationwide were reporting huge shortages of labor – caused by a combo of low unemployment, as well as a steep drop in illegal immigrants. Houston will take _years_ to rebuild. We don’t have the labor to do it – after Katrina, 100k Hispanic immigrants came to New Orleans to rebuild, most of them illegal. Houston is 5 times the size of New Orleans. I don’t see 500k Hispanic immigrants coming north this go-round. Not unless they plan to stay to help build the wall.

So, bottom line: who’s going to wield the hammers and saws, pull down buildings, and hang the drywall? There isn’t any easy solution.

Martin Burns lives his life out loud, so I am hoping he won’t mind my using this very interesting thought here at #6things. What do you think? Will Houston continue to struggle with illegal immigration under the scrutiny it is?

Another hot take from Arron Z. Daniels who is collecting XL and XXL T-shirts for Hurricane Harvey. Email me if you want the address. We literally all have thousands to give. It’s a SWAG miracle! We also know Joshua Jones is collecting supplies and money for our recruiting and sourcing friends and friends of friends in Houston and surrounding, affected communities. Lois Melbourne is also requesting sacks, bags and other conference “carrying apparatus”! (FB)



Shane Gray Did This

Now my whole family is flying to Ireland with no bags. (Secret Flying)