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#6Things: Millennials Roasted, Employee Handbooks and RecruitingSocial Envy (Dec. 7)

Did you think I would forget about you? Of course I did! I went to NYC and didn’t look back. But now I’m back with fresh, hot yummy six things. Let’s DO THIS!


Workers who were notified that they no longer had a job via a sign on the door like you leave for a quasi-important package you are expecting (or like that one Kevin McAllister put on the door for the pizza guy right before he terrorized the poor teen), can rest assured that there ARE good people in the world. HR Execs and management at Cheddars, the crummy restaurant that fired them…with a sign on the door…are not those people though. The heroes in this story are the kind restaurant owners who offered the “displaced workers” a meal, a drink and an application. That’s great candidate PR (and regular PR). Check it: (A Plus)
“Foosackly’s knows that finding a good job isn’t easy and it makes you work up an appetite. So if you’re a Cheddars employee that was left jobless you are welcome to stop by any of our locations today or tomorrow for a Box and a Drink…on us of course. Just flash us a pay stub tell us what sauce you’re feeling and we’ll take it from there. And feel free to apply if you like what you see. We have really great crews across ALL of our locations and we can always make room for more good people.”


Rarely am I as enthralled with another company the way I am with RecruitingSocial. They are all smart, their blog is amazerblades, they have offices in posh cities and they are all REALLY good-looking, like ALL of them. Like movie star hawt. Anyway, I was prepared to read Angela’s missive on taking great employer branding photos with a giant grain of “YOU ARE ALL REALLY GOOD LOOKING!!” salt, because how hard can it be for them to take great pictures (Answer: It is not hard). But the article is real good and it’s useful for companies who don’t have the budget or the inclination to hire pro photographers every time they want to update their career site. I love the trend of HR Pros (like sisters) doing it for themselves! (RecruitingSocial)


Zenefits is finding that out the hard way as they quietly changed their handbook from “We’ll pay you for PTO you didn’t use” to…”We have unlimited vacation so screw you guys :)” Now they are asking former employees to take a payout to sign a legal document that says, sure, we agree. Not sure how that’s going to go…The thing that is crazy about this is there are tons of results from Zenefits when you google their name and employee handbooks, like it’s a service they offer! (WSJ)


And they all love HR Marketing as much as I do. This week (Dec 9, to be exact) I’m going to do a webinar with Mark Willaman on the fisher VISTA buying trends report. You can come if you want! (GTW)


This is how you handle it when a giant company up and leaves. You find people jobs. Our Chamber of Commerce RULES. (We Don’t Coast)