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#6Things: Nebraska Narcs, CPH and HR Jabronis

Woohoo! Christmas edition! Just 3 more sleeps ‘til Santa brings me Botox and Carbs! As we prep for the skeleton week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, here are some links sure to wet your whistle and/or give you something to read when you lock yourself in the bathroom because if your Aunt Beth criticizes your beef tenderloin ONE MORE TIME…

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Whatcha Gon’ Do?

Let Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico) think I am obsessed, IDC. This is a pretty great post that shows who’s planning to use what (and whereas it’s heavily swayed toward UK recruiters and sourcers). Anywho, some clear winners…Shane McCusker (@1ntelligence) and Entelo (@Entelo), also Workable (@Workable) but Buckland recently headed that direction, so they get mentioned last. Lever (@Lever) and Greenhouse (@Greenhouse) also comin’ in strong. Buckland also asks about sentiment around sourcing engines…and some company called “other” shows up quite a lot… (The King’s Shilling)

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2015 Called

And it wants its discussion back. A 2015 post from Balazs Paroczay (@TheBalazs) about…wait for it…talent communities was revived this week by Adam Gordon (@Adam_W_Gordon). Is there such a thing as a talent community and if so, is it the same or different than a community of talent? Are such communities built around jobs, people, industry, talent or user ‘love”? Ryan Leary (@ryanleary), Steve Ward (@CloudNineRec), Bill Boorman (@BillBoorman) and Shally Steckerl (@shally) all weigh in in this lively discussion. (SOSU)

Average CPH is $4k. The Internet Agrees.

(via Mira Greenland@MiraGreenland)

Maybe the reason SnapChat has such a terrible UI is HR?

Apparently, when you hire a lying jabroni to head HR, you have like culture probs (via Michael VanDervort – @MikeVanDervort):

Among the wilder things Halbert has brought up claims he got in a gun battle with Mexican drug dealers while hunting terrorists, the Information wrote. According to numerous people familiar with the situation, Snap launched an internal investigation this spring regarding the H.R. chief’s alleged behavior, though it did not result in him losing his position. (emphasis my effing OWN)

Although most of us have a high school friend that acts like this, we all assume when he got to the real world, he’d get kicked in the oysters for such behavior. Nerp. He gets a baller job. Sigh. (Gizmodo)

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Millennials are the worst…

NOT ANY MORE SUCKERS! Now Gen Z is the worst (those born between 1995 and 2010) today. But yesterday it was Boomers. So what do YOU think? Weigh in this survey via Joe Stubblebine (@JoeStubblebine) and Nexxt (@NexxtHR). I would but I am the Oregon Trail generation, the most special snowflake Gen of ALL TIME! (National Job Market Forecast)

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If California is the stoner state, Nebraska is the narc (NPR)