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7 Reactions Every SEO Expert Can Relate To

At Red Branch, our SEO marketing department is pretty top notch. We work hard to find the right potential keywords and understand why some clients struggle while others flourish. It’s not always easy work, and there are times when banging our heads against the wall seems like the accurate response. Especially when we have to keep explaining to our client that EVERY blog post can’t have the same focus keyword (sorry ‘bout it).

We usually take it all in stride though. Besides, sticking with it and finally getting that site to land on the first SERP is an amazing feeling! For all you other SEO experts out there struggling to figure out what works and what doesn’t, we wanted to assure you that we, too, can relate.

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Here are some reactions we at The Branch know all too well…

When Google Changes the Rules (AGAIN!)

If you didn’t know already, one of Google’s favorite activities is to randomly change their ranking algorithm. The best part? They usually don’t tell anyone. That’s right, the thing that’s basically deciding whether your site succeeds or not could just completely change without your knowing. Great, right? The newest shift happened in the beginning of March and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Chances are, it most likely affects your site. Take a look…

Researching and Researching Keywords

Okay, finding a keyword or two is usually no biggie, especially if you use amazing helpful tools like Semrush, but creating SEO briefs and sitemaps are a completely different story. We’re talking sometimes hours of looking up client keywords, competitor keywords, related keywords and so on. Let’s face it, it’s a tedious task. If you get a little bored after the first hour, you’re not alone.

Bringing up SEO at a Dinner Party

Okay, this one isn’t so much a reaction that you might have, but if you’re like me, you’ve seen this face a MILLION times. It’s what happens every time someone asks, “So, what do you do?” You have no choice but to say that you do web and content SEO, and then explain what that even is for people who don’t understand. At the end of the night, they still don’t get it. Lonely is the life of an SEO expert.

Discussing SEO Trends with Your Boss

When you and your boss get into deep SEO discussions, this is probably what it looks like from the outside. From the latest trends, to how to help clients, it’s easy to get lost in the conversation around all the information that’s out there while trying to grasp all the changing aspects. We could talk for hours, honestly. Of course, that’s all if your boss understands the craziness that is SEO. If not, well, this is how you look to your boss when trying to explain your current project in a meeting.

When a Client Says They Want to be Top of Google

This is probably something that happens on a daily basis. When are clients going to get that you can’t just magically become #1 on the SERP? For Google, Bing! and other search engines alike, there’s no simple equation to automatically make it to the top. It takes creating a site, keywords, metas, backlinks, interlinking, alt tags….the list just goes on and on. Not to mention, sometimes it takes years of content production to actually get your name and product on the map.

Meeting Other SEO Nerds

Meeting someone who shares your nerdiness is always an amazing feeling, but it’s even more exciting when it comes to such a niche group like SEO. Truth is, there’s not a whole lot of us out there, so when the stars align and we do find one another, it’s digital marketing heaven!

Getting that Green Circle

If you know SEO, you’re familiar with YOAST, and when it comes to inputting SEO into a site or blog post, there’s nothing better than seeing that little circle turn green. It’s the best indicator that the page is well optimized and reinforces the idea that you’re an all-around SEO badass.

So, fellow SEO nerds, do not feel alone in your daily wins and challenges. We were there in the good times and the bad. Our expertise is still young, but isn’t this just an exciting time to be growing in technology? Tell us about your SEO highs and lows on Twitter @RedBranch.

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