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8 Email Marketers We’re Thankful are on Twitter

By Kendra Tallman

Email marketing doesn’t sit still. The laws and best practices behind a great email marketing campaign are always changing. So if you want to keep up (and keep your job), learning new skills is a never-ending goal.

Before I really got into marketing, I would have never guessed the best place to pick up new ideas is actually Twitter. There are hundreds of email marketing professionals who use it as a platform to spread ideas and share best practices. If I want to find the latest and greatest articles, tips and data, all I have to do is scroll through my feed.

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The following email marketer twitter accounts are just a few of my favorites:

#1- Kristin Bond – @emailsnarketing

Head of email for the Girl Scouts and Women of Email co-founder Kristin Bond is the embodiment of #CareerGoals. She is hilarious, feminist, intelligent and full of email inspiration and best practice. She’s also not just another marketing influencer trying to sell expertise – her Twitter feed has her latest email marketing podcasts and updates about her Halloween costume, which I enjoy.

#2- Chad S. White – @chadswhite

This guy knows his stuff. Chad is the Research Director at Litmus and has written three editions of his own book, Email Marketing Rules. His tweets are jam-packed with actionable email marketing information; I could probably read through it for hours and not get even a little bored. But one of my favorite things he does is retweet awesome stuff from other email marketing experts. He’s not only a wealth of knowledge, he helps me find other marketers who are just as helpful.

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#3- Justine Jordan – @meladorri

Justine is the VP of Marketing at Litmus, which should be explanation enough. She’s the VP of marketing for a company that specializes in email deliverability. She frequently shares articles, webinars and updates from Litmus, as well as updates from other top marketers and email software companies. She has a career you’ll want to follow and a Twitter feed you can’t ignore.

#4- Chris Vasquez – @ClickPop

His description reads, “Dad jokes, dog gifs, design and data.” His feed lives up to his promises. Chris is the Creative Director at email marketing software company AWeber, and he frequently shares updates and articles from it. He has some brilliantly inventive ideas that serve as inspiration to us who are newer to the email scene. My favorite creation of his is the Inbox Creature, which delivers a cute little monster to your inbox that grows based on your actions!

#5- Alice Ko – @laxtoyvr

If you’re really interested in email marketing design, Alice Ko is your go-to. She’s a graphic designer at heart, and what she shares on Twitter is a reflection of that. Her feed is filled with tips on GIF usage, web design ideas and interactive email tricks. Because email marketing has so many different parts, it’s important to keep up with specialty experts. It’s unlikely you’ll get through a career in email without creating a header image or writing a line of code.

#6- Andrew Kordek – @andrewkordek

Do you have questions like: When’s the best time to send email campaigns (hint: there isn’t one)? Why should you get rid of email subscribers? Why don’t re-engagement campaigns work? Then Andrew is your guy. He’s Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive, so believe me, he knows what he’s talking about.

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#7- Josh Earl – @josh_earl

Not only does this guy write a ton of his own blog posts on everything from copywriting to email marketing to the Marvel movies, he also hosts free email marketing courses! I love seeing updates from him because I they’re honest, informative, and often hilarious. His posts have been featured on publications like The Washington Times and Writer’s Digest. He’s an email marketing expert, and someone you can’t afford not to follow.

#8- Email Marketing Tips – @emTips

Okay, so this isn’t technically a specific marketer, but I think it’s still an important account to follow. It isn’t affiliated with any software company, agency, or consultancy. The account features blog posts and tips by email marketers from all over the world and from all backgrounds. If you want to stay on top of your game, you sometimes need to go to an unbiased source.

To sum up…

These marketers are the real deal. It’s because of them (and many more like them) that I consider Twitter one of the best places to exchange and share email marketing ideas.

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