Email Marketing and Marketing Automation:

Email is NOT dead, despite new media’s pronouncement of its demise.

In fact, email remains one of the best ways to inform, educate and yes, sell to your prospects. Our email offering is campaign-based and designed to work with your other selected Red Branch Media services.

While we do one-off emails to promote and entertain, our goal is to work toward a campaign goal using workflows, marketing automation, downloadable resources and forms that move prospects further down the marketing funnel. With every email or landing page or smart piece of content, our goal is to move your prospects closer to becoming a customer.

Our email package includes workflow creation, design, copywriting and tracking parameters and a landing page to assist in learning more about your prospects!

Red Branch Media also offers strategic advice around list buying, buyer personas and has experience with systems like Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Sharpspring, Act-On, and Campaign Monitor.

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Packages start at just $2000 per month and are designed to be combined with other Red Branch Media services.