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Are You Making Your Coworkers Crazy?

Are you making your coworkers crazy? If you’re uttering any of these phrases…the answer is probably yes.

Communication is the cornerstone of every workplace. If it’s poor or inconsistent, it affects the entire foundation. Why? Because unless we can communicate with one another effectively, we find ourselves frustrated and irritated, which hampers anyone’s ability to do good work! Have you said any of these most hated workplace phrases?

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Phrases people HATE:

“With all due respect…”

Yeah, they’re about to tell you why you’re a moron.

“I clocked out…”

Unless you are union or something, I can’t imagine anyone’s favorite person says this when asked for help.

“I feel I should tell you…”

Whenever anyone says this, it means they are going to be REAL mean and/or gossipy.

“Can you talk to so and so?”

While it’s not the most fun skill to practice, confrontation is very useful in the workplace. If you cannot speak to Trent about something that is bothering you, well, you need to.

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“Could you just…?”

Anything predicated with the word “just” is going to be a giant PITA and Brenda from design KNOWS it.

“It has to be said….”

Does it though Aimee?

“I just didn’t have time to get to it.”

Really? Because you’ve said that for 7 straight weeks Chad!

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“It is what it is.”

Thank you, now please give me some of your peyote.

“I’m going on a juice cleanse.”

Take a sick week Tanya.

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