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Your Bad Wifi Might Be Killing Your Productivity [Infographic]

Can you hear me now? If not, your wifi might be affecting more than just the quality of your Zoom calls. WhistleOut surveyed 386 adults who have recently transitioned to working or studying remotely to learn about any internet connectivity issues they may be facing, and they found that weak internet means weak productivity. Take a look at this infographic they produced:

remote work productivity stats infogtraphic

We’re all at home using our wifi all day, every day — and that unreliable cable provider (you know who you are!!) is not just causing your Netflix to buffer, it’s affecting how much work you can accomplish, too.

So what can you do about it? Turn your phone into a hotspot! I’ve used this trick for a while now to work in locations where I’d otherwise not be able to: at the park (RIP going to parks), at the bar (don’t tell my boss), or at the food court so I can eat my Panda Express without my coworkers judging.

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Right now, many phone vendors are opening up their hotspot data allowances to help people work during the COVID-19 outbreak, even when they’re in unusual circumstances or have to get creative about the services they pay for.

So the next time you’re cursing your router for not providing you with the reliable internet access you need — this time it’s good to be on your phone all day at work.