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Brancher Favorites: What’s that in your eye? No YOU’RE CRYING

Everyone needs a little inspiration in their lives. While we’re not spending our entire days watching YouTube videos here at Red Branch Media, we do take a break from time to time to get inspired. When you work in marketing, it can be tough to keep your chin up, because lead gen never sleeps amirite? Here are the videos that keep our team’s chins up and hearts full.

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Christine – Proposal Enthusiast (@ChristineRBM)

“At the women’s march, this little one spoke to everyone and encourage us to love each other and stand together that we are not alone. Not a dry eye in the crowd. Si Se Puede! (Yes, we can)”

Great for: When you’ve just been mansplained for the 1000th time.

Eric – Marketing Wizard and Dog Lover (@erockfoutch)

“It’s not easy being a Cubs fan, but 2016 they finally pulled off a World Series win, something that hadn’t happened in a really long time! I can’t imagine the feeling of being on that team and winning the World Series when most didn’t think it was ever going to happen.”

Watch when: You think a project is hopeless and you just want to give up.

Kendra – Resident Cat Lady (@kendra_rbm)

“When I’m making decisions, I always stop and take a moment to really think about what I’m doing. Is it going to benefit me? My career? The people around me? For those really tough decisions, I watch this video for some inspiration and ask myself some tough questions. It hasn’t lead me astray so far.”

Especially helpful if: You’re facing a tough decision and you’re not sure what Michael would do.

Grant – Email Guru (@GrantEicherRBM)

“First off, Miracle is just an amazing movie in general, but this clip is especially inspiring because it speaks to underdogs everywhere and how you should cease the moment. I also think the Miracle speech is inspiring because it makes me feel proud to be an American.”

View: Literally every single day of 2017 until 2020.

Kyle – Designer, Trainer, Drummer (@KyleJCDesign)

“I love going to UNO hockey games with my wife. They’re so fun to watch and always a good time. One of my favorite parts of the game is the video they play about halfway through. Even though I’ve been to plenty of UNO hockey games, this video still has the power to get you pumped up every time you watch it to make the experience even more awesome and exciting.”


 Watch when: Your copy of Jock Jams finally bites the dust.

Shalaina – Horder of Blanket Scarves (@ShalainaRBM)

“I love this Ted Talk so much. It motivates you to use all the minutes in the day and identifies the truth when it comes to achieving the things you want in life. Mel is also so real about it and doesn’t sugar-coat anything.”

For that time when: Your boss told you to get off your daggum phone and work.

Haylie – Social and PR Juggler (@haylieRBM)

“Nothing inspires me more than people who take what they have in life and turn it into something beautiful. Sam is a Starbucks barista who loves his job and lives life each day to the fullest. Seeing people with Autism work so hard and love what they do makes me so happy, and really puts life into perspective! I love how happy he is and how enthusiastic he is about life – so inspiring! He is amazing. And so is Ellen.”

You think: You’re not cut out for the work in front of you.

Well, are you feeling inspired? We sure are! And, it’s watching and sharing videos like this that help keep the engine of Red Branch running! Want more Brancher videos? Be sure to check back regularly to get recommendations from everyone here at Red Branch Media.