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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Tips for Candidate Experience Focused Hiring

By Alison Wurth:

In this talent-driven market, the name of the game is candidate experience. If a passive candidate has a sub-par experience with a company, why would they bother bringing their talents to that company? So this week, we’re pulling out all the stops and featuring the latest tips for a near perfect candidate experience.

So, how can you improve your candidate experience while hiring, you ask? Thankfully, we have advice from the pros. Take a look at the insights from Oleeo, Allegis Global Solutions and Inspire Software in this week’s #RedBranchWeekly!

In this talent-driven market, the name of the game is candidate experience. Get the tips you need in #RedBranchWeekly: Click To Tweet

Oleeo: Above Average Time to Fill? Here’s What to Do About It

Want to give your future employees a positive candidate experience? Hire them in a timely manner. Did you know only 30% of companies are able to fill a vacant role within 30 days? Honestly, the last thing candidates want is to be dragged through to mud for upwards of a month before they finally receive an offer letter. So listen to the experts at Oleeo. From creating a solid candidate pipeline to investing in an exceptional CRM or ATS and much more – Oleeo is here to teach you a few proven methods to fix this common problem.

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Allegis Global Solutions: Back to the Basics: HR Technology and Candidate Experience

candidate on laptop on deskAccording to Allegis Global, it is impossible to fix the candidate experience without first, you know, knowing what that experience is really like. Apply for a random position at your organization and see what it is truly like. You might be surprised!  When you put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, you can then get a realistic view of what people are going through. Some people that design these tedious application processes have not formally applied for a job in years! A relatively large amount of upper-level employees don’t even have to go through the standard application process as candidates, or it’s done as an afterthought. So, if you really want to get an honest grasp of your company’s candidate experience – read this article and start from square one.

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Inspire Software: Test Your Knowledge on Succession Planning Trends

Tqo coworkers talking by windowIf you don’t know already, Inspire Software are experts in succession planning. And if you really want to have a seamless candidate experience – plan ahead! Employees come and go and we know you have to be prepared for that. Think you’re prepared?  Prove it and take this succession planning quiz to find out if you are a true succession planning guru. And if you’re not – don’t fret! Inspire Software has every resource you could possibly need to get you where you need to be. If you already have a plan in mind for open positions – the transition process should be seamless. But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself!

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