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#ClientKudos: Talent Tech Labs Reveals Trends in Social Media Recruiting

How Technology is Changing Social Media Recruiting: LinkedIn’s Restrictions Give Rise to Niche Players

What’s going on?

Big social media networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook have taken over the world of recruiting, but it’s new social network and social search technologies that are driving change in the ways companies source top talent.

“Social media recruitment is one of the most effective ways for employers to reach active and passive job seekers,” says Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director of Talent Tech Labs. “However, LinkedIn’s user agreement restricts data scraping on user profiles, and niche players catering to industry-specific networks are popping up left and right to meet that need.”


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Why should you care? 

Niche companies are providing talent acquisition leaders with more social networks to utilize, and some are even more effective at bringing in top talent than the larger networks like LinkedIn. This matters to you since the new approach to how social networks are modeled gives job seekers and tech recruiters a better way to make contact. Another tool that has evolved from social recruiting is the social search and it’s able to give more access to employers so they can get a more detailed overview of who a candidate really is.

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