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Crushing Your First Week on the Job

By Tridia Tshimanga:

Not long ago, I started my new job at Red Branch. After months of perfecting my resume, applying for jobs and going through interviews, I was overjoyed to have finally landed a job that could truly launch my career. As my first day slowly approached, I started going through a flurry of emotions. From constant excitement, to fear, to anxiety — I wasn’t quite sure what to feel!

For some, finding a new job can be a memorable moment, but for others, it’s nothing but stress. Just when you thought the hard part of going through assessments and interviews was over, a new obstacle gets thrown at you — navigating a new workplace, role and coworkers.

During this stressful time, it’s nice to have some guidance on surviving (and thriving!) on your first week on the job.

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Build Relationships

Did you know that human beings are naturally social creatures? This means that we actually want to build relationships with others around us and socialize in positive interactions. Crazy, right?

Walking into an environment where everyone already knows each other can be intimidating to most. Trust me, I know. My first day, I was terrified to walk through the door! But after introducing myself and getting to know my new coworkers, I realized I had nothing to worry about.

Always branch out. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your new workmates in the beginning. After all, you’ll be working with them closely on countless projects and ideas.

According to the Positive Psychology Program, 79% of respondents saw the importance of building a healthy relationship with employees in the workplace. Making new connections will help establish long-lasting, healthy work relationships that will not only make navigating through your new work environment easier but build your overall work performance. You’ll also be able to observe how everyone works and collaborates, helping you gain valuable insights into your company’s culture.

Get Organized and Set Goals

The first couple of weeks in your new job can be hectic. From training to starting small (sometimes big) projects to getting a sense of how the company works, you’ll feel as if you’re bouncing from one thing to the next. Take some time to sit down and get organized. Decide how you want to organize tasks, arrange your calendar and manage your time. Developing an organization strategy early on will increase your productivity and minimize your chance of procrastinating throughout the day.

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Make sure to set goals for yourself. This will be the most important and helpful technique to follow when starting out in any career. The greatest tool I’ve learned so far working at Red Branch Media is writing down my #6things so that I’m set and focused on my tasks for the day.

Start small. Write down goals that you want to accomplish throughout the day, or even throughout the week, and then expand on what you want to accomplish in the months ahead. This will not only set you up for success but help you to become more efficient and productive throughout your career.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

According to Harvard Business, new employees perform better when they ask more questions. How are you going to navigate your way through if you’re not asking questions? Don’t be afraid to ask your peers where something is or how to do something.

They are there to help you succeed! You don’t want to hold yourself back in the beginning because you didn’t ask any questions, or were afraid you’d ask a dumb question. Remember, there are no dumb questions! With the right approach, you’ll make yourself look proactive while saving you time throughout your day.

At the end of the day, you’ve been presented with an amazing opportunity to showcase your talent. Now, it’s your time to shine! Navigating your way through a new job can be difficult, but getting to know your coworkers, being organized and setting goals is sure to make your transition run smoothly.