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#GratitudeAtWork: What the RBM Team Is Thankful For This Season

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which calls for a day of relaxing, good food and time with your awesome family. These are all great things to be thankful for, but while you’re still at work today, what are you thankful for there? Did you know happy workers are 12% more productive than the average worker? If you have a great team, awesome leadership, and a job you enjoy doing, it’s likely you’re a happy worker and more productive than average. In the spirit of the season, find out what the Red Branch Team is thankful for while they’re at work.

“I’m thankful for the guidance, appreciation and support Maren and Jeremy have given me throughout my entire journey with Red Branch.” – Eric Foutch

“I’m thankful for being given so many opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.” – Kayleigh Hines

“I’m thankful to have such a supportive team that guides me, keeps me grounded, and teaches me new things every day. They’re also crazy and fun to be around!” – Lindsey Stark

“I’m thankful for the chance to develop under smart leadership and work beside an energizing team.” – Kerry Pivovar

“I’m thankful for the learning opportunities and the growth I have experienced at RBM.” – Josh Trecartin

The leadership employees have at a position can be what keeps them or makes them go. 78% of employees who report having a meaningful discussion with their manager about their strengths feel that their work is making a difference and is appreciated. We are thankful to have fantastic leadership here at RBM and to receive continuous and meaningful feedback.

“I’m extremely thankful to have never wished I didn’t have to go to work the next day. The entire Red Branch team is ineffable, because I can’t imagine a better group of people to collaborate with. I’m thankful for the development opportunities Maren and Jeremy provide because I feel like I’m constantly learning and developing my skills – something that is vital to my existence!” – Shaley McKeever

“I’m thankful to work for a company that sees title simply as a definition of your daily work. We all collaborate on a regular basis, whether you’re an intern or the CEO and everyone is held to the same standard: work hard, play hard and be better than yesterday.” – Marissa Litty

“I’m thankful to work for a company that gives people the chance to use all of their skills, not just one or two of them. Everything is an asset to Red Branch and every talent is used.” – Cody Tromler”

“I am thankful for a company that not only encourages us daily but encourages us to challenge ourselves and go beyond our comfort zone in and outside of our departments.” – Kristine Osbourne

“I am thankful for such an amazing company that helps us learn more by willingly giving us the tools, resources, capabilities and opportunities to advance our skill sets and grow in our fields as professionals.” – Kyle Christensen

As well as leadership, the team employees are working with can make them really happy to go into work in the morning or totally dread it. Everyone wants to be at least a little happy to see their coworkers, right? Not only being happy to see them is important but also developing relationships. 89% of workers say work relationships matter to their overall quality of life. That’s great news for us because our team just so happens to really like each other.

“Every day I walk the halls of RBM, I am thankful to simply hold a position here and grow professionally doing something I enjoy. I’m thankful for the valuable feedback from not only the two Big People Upstairs (Maren and Jeremy) but also to be able to collaborate with each member and watch our projects blossom into something incredible. I never thought at 22 I would be developing my own department with a super cool groupa creative minds. Not to mention the very generous work/life balance perks we have the privilege of enjoying here. And also, I wear leggings to work sometimes. Which is tight.” – Noelle Murphy

“I am thankful that everyone here takes pride in their work and works their butts off!” – Maren Hogan

“I am thankful that I can put the work that we do against any other firm worldwide. The team at Red Branch Media does amazing work every day and they pride themselves on continually gaining expertise in their fields and it shows.” – Jeremy Hogan

“I am thankful for the open-concept-question-forum Red Branch has in place. Everyone helps everyone which is cool for people who can’t change out the water jugs.” – Cate O’Brien

“I am thankful for the leadership at RBM that doesn’t stop at ‘good enough’ and the amazing and talented team that I get to collaborate with and learn from on a daily basis. The opportunity to work and learn with these individuals is great by itself, but I also get to do this while finishing my education and that is something for which I am very thankful.” – Shalaina Ocasio

We spend most of our days at work and with the people we work with, so why not be thankful for something in your work life this season? After taking a little glimpse into what our team is thankful for, we hope you take a minute to think about what makes you grateful in your professional life too. #GratitudeAtWork

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! – From the RBM Team