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Great Tools To Help You Actively Manage Your Social Presence

Social media allows you to connect with people in your local community, country and around the world. Connecting with others is as simple as clicking your mouse. If you have a better understanding of the various tools and resources that can help enhance your social presence, you will really stand out. There’s a lot of noise that can make it difficult when attempting to make your marketing message heard.

In order to keep your social media presence moving along, take a look at some of the tools that can help you organize your efforts, increase your overall productivity and give you the measurable results you need.


Managing Active Accounts

Responding to inquiries, knowing what is being said and providing purposeful engagement for your brand can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are doing this for multiple accounts. You need an option that will allow you to monitor keywords and listen to what your audiences are saying without having to refresh your social feeds every hour. Use the following tools and any action you see on your account will be sent to you right away.


Talkwalker has a great search engine and media crawling capabilities and that’s what excited me at the very first moment. With a focus on big data crawling the Talkwalker search index is one of the largest, covering over 150 million sources in 187 languages and 247 countries.


SocialMention is an online website tool that describes itself as “a social media search and analysis platform” that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

How’s Your Engagement Looking?

While listening to what your audience is listening to is vital, it’s just as important to make sure your voice is heard as well. If you’re finding that you’re busy attempting to reply to messages from several networks or struggling to keep up with regular posting, you need a social media management system, which makes staying engaged with your audience easy and efficient.


SproutSocial is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers and grow their social media presence. SproutSocial is the tool that many prefer to use. The comprehensive analytic reporting is one of the best out there!


Hootsuite helps you keep track and manage your social network channels. It helps you monitor what people are saying and help you respond quickly. If you manage the updates for your business’ social networks, you have probably heard of Hootsuite. In a survey from Pingdom, Hootsuite came up on top with over 20% of companies using it to manage their social media presences.


Keeping up with social media can be a challenge for any business. With the right tools and resources listed in this post, you can better manage your presence and stay up to date with everything on your networks. Social media is essential in ensuring your customers are satisfied, attracting new customers and that you’re continuing to grow your brand.