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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Fresh Tips for Leading Your Unique Team

By Alison Wurth:

Diverse teams are better teams. We know this. In fact, inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time. That’s staggering. But, we don’t talk much about leading unique teams. Let’s say you are a manager that recently transferred to a different branch of your company. The way you used to lead may not jive with your new crew. Each team is unique, whether you are leading mostly introverts, leading with a coaching mindset, or even leading customers not to go astray.

In this #RedBranchWeekly, our partners have you covered no matter what makes your team unique.

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Good&Co: 4 Tips to Maximize Your Introverted Employees’ Strengths

Good&Co cartoon imagery for unique teamsI’m sure you could easily name who the extroverts and who the introverts are in your office. But because extroverts’ natural tendency is to voice concerns, it’s easy for workplaces to become more extrovert-centric and less ideal for introverted employees. And sometimes, an introvert’s best strengths or even complaints are ignored. Thankfully, this article offers 4 new strategies you can add to your leadership style. So, take these tips from our partners, Good&Co to make your workplace more introvert-friendly. You’re sure to see a difference in your entire team’s work in no time!

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Caliper: The 7 Benefits of Moving Toward a Coaching Leadership Style

Manager strategizing to lead her unique team efficiently

What’s the difference between leading and coaching? Well, coaching-style leadership relies on the relationship between the manager and their employees. It’s all about nurturing this relationship and coaching your employees through their obstacles as well as successes! The pros at Caliper compiled the 7 benefits of becoming more of a coach rather than simply a leader in your office. Hear us out on this one – this subtle shift in mindset will benefit so, so many aspects of your organization.

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Kilterly: Map the Customer Journey: The Best Route to Retain and Renew Customers

Manager strategizing to lead his unique team efficiently

There is so much thought leadership on how to be the absolute best leader. But, what are you doing to be sure you aren’t leading your customers astray? To manage customer journeys with today’s technology, it’s important to deliver the right messaging, at the right moment, on the right platform. Kilterly has created a treasure map just for the occasion! Lead with this map to best retain and renew customers.

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