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Mark Your Calendars for the Best Business Decision You’ve Ever Made

We’re not trying to make any predictions or tell anyone what to do, BUT, after you read this, we’re guessing we’ll be seeing you in our office on March 3rd from 8am-5pm. You’re not in trouble, in fact, you might get away with a steal (but you must be quick!) So what am I talking about? This is your formal invitation to *drumroll, pleaaaase*

Mark your calendars for March 3rd and make the best #business decision you've ever made: Click To Tweet

Marketing 101 Bootcamp

When: March 3rd, 2017

Where: The Red Branch Media Headquarters, address hur

Why: This might take a little more than a line of text to explain #AllTheGains

Whether you’re just starting up, trying to revive your current business to meet buyer demands, reach new audiences or simply learn how to market in general, M101 is your gig. This 8-hour crash course will provide you with:

Bring On The Goods…

  • Web Development
    • WordPress basics
    • How to include contact information, hours of operation & social media integration
  • Email Automation
    • How to Use MailChimp
    • Email marketing best practices
  • Design & Branding
    • How to use Canva for social media and branded imagery
  • Social Media Management
    • How to set up your company Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter profiles
    • Tutorial on social media automation using Buffer, Hootsuite, & Pablo
  • Public Relations
    • How to get local press
    • How to write placed article pitches
    • How to find outlets relevant to your audience
    • How to get the best of your PR outreach
  • SEO
    • How to build local presence on Google and a template on how to get testimonials and reviews
    • Tutorial on how to implement SEO on your WordPress site
    • SEO troubleshooting
    • Keyword list building
    • SEMrush.com free tutorial
    • Google semantic searching
  • Content
    • A content cornerstone, editorial calendar and SEO brief to help easily create content for your blog on an ongoing basis

AND SO MUCH MORE. You pretty much get full access to the Red Branch Brains that run this place for a full 8 hours. The price? Let’s settle business logistics over here…

This Spring, freshen up your marketing game and get a full-swing start on getting an upper hand on competition for your business.

Questions? Our ears are open for any Marketing 101 bootcamp questions you may have!

Just want to say hi and geek out about marketing? We can do that, too @RedBranch