Search Engine Optimization

Become eminently findable:

While it sounds daunting (and can be due to the changes that Google likes to push every few weeks) it’s actually a crazy fun way to make sure that your content gets seen and your company is well known for first-page position.

While great SEO doesn’t happen overnight, we can make considerable strides with content, web development and SEO all working together.

Unlike companies that offer to get you on the first page of terms no one ever searches, or those who create keyword stuffed articles, we create strategies that put the importance of clarity and education alongside the very real need to appear where your customers can find you. Our organic approach is incredibly successful.

Our team uses best-in-class tools like SumoMe, SEMRush, KissMetrics, Moz, BuzzSumo, Google Analytics and more to learn about your market, your competition and to constantly build your presence according to search engines. SEO is an excellent first investment for those looking to boost lead generation and awareness in a niche market or local area.

SEO packages are designed to work with other Red Branch Media services, particularly content creation, digital media and web development. Standalone SEO Packages start at just $1200 per month.