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Meet the Brancher: Christine Harris

Christine_BrickLadies and gents, with welcoming smiles we present our newest brancher, the loving, the hilarious, and mother of one sweet chihuahua, Christine Harris!

In an alternate reality where Christine publishes her own autobiography titled, “Cleaning off the ‘Crust,” she’s writing about her dream life coasting through the tropical island of Sri Lanka with her prized possession, El Machete (furrbaby) and probably pinning things to her craft boards she’ll get around to doing….sometime.

When she’s not busy being a boss-playa Executive Business Developer Assistant at Red Branch, Christine can be found cleaning her kitchen, straight JAMMING to Chainsmokers. But ONLY her kitchen, the rest of the house is in her “eventually” pile with those Pinterest pins. She’ll get to it, leave her alone!

Christine has an incredible gift of making those around her feel comfortable and full of giggles. But! Don’t make her angry, she can’t stand when people don’t do what they said they would do or reject her. Don’t worry, Christine, we’re thrilled to accept you into the The Branch Family in this powerhouse of a marketing agency! We’re full of acceptance and productivity, *drops the mic*

While most people would do recreationally insane activities given the chance to be immortal for a day, Christine would rather take this chance to save people who couldn’t save themselves. Can we just give out a big ol’ “Awwwww!” together please?


Follow this sweet vegetarian on her journey to excellence at The Branch via:

Twitter – @ChristineRBM

Instagram – @christine_frankie

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-harris