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#NextChat Recap: Building a Diversity-Focused Talent Acquisition Strategy

Diversity in the workplace is such an important topic for talent acquisition professionals to discuss. This week’s #NextChat Twitter Chat brought up this critical and complicated topic. The SHRM Blog defined diversity hiring as “intentionally seeking the most qualified candidates while recognizing and eliminating any possible biases that may contribute to discrimination during the sourcing and screening phases of candidate selection.” We gathered the best responses from this week’s #NextChat participants to better help hiring managers, executives and the workforce learn more about diversity hiring and building a diversity-focused talent acquisition strategy.

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Q1. What are some of the challenges your organization faces with recruiting diverse candidates?

Angela Jacobs (@aj4sure), Tamara M. Rasberry (@tmrasberry) and Christina Folz (@MsEditor) had top-notch answers! One of the most challenging factors facing HR departments today is attracting and obtaining well-qualified diverse employees.

Q2. Creative employer branding can help to attract diverse candidates. How has your organization modified its employer brand to boost diversity recruiting efforts?

Gemma Toth (@Gem4ever), Kelli S. (@HrMillennial) and #Coach_Hmood (@hmoodosaimi) had rockstar answers! Your work environment and branding needs to reflect diversity and be inclusive. It’s not enough to hire for diversity, you also need to support your current workers with healthy inclusion habits.

Q3. The candidate experience is a critical component of recruiting. How has your organization improved the candidate experience to encourage and increase the number of diverse hires?

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Talent Tech Labs (@TalentTechLabs), Anne Tomkinson (@annetomk) and Mary Faulkner (@mfaulkner43) had spot on answers! The interview panel, who candidates meet during the interview process, are key to enhancing the candidate experience and increasing the number of diverse hires. Keep it structured so every candidate is given the same chance.

Q4. What new and innovative techniques and strategies is your organization using to source diverse candidates?

Emily McFaul (@emmcfaul) had a great answer. She mentioned increasing transparency across an organization in efforts to attract diversity hiring.

Q5. What creative and forward-thinking methods is your organization employing to attract diverse candidates?

Jennifer Groves (@JennGroves) said on-campus recruiting is key. We totally agree it’s a great place to discover qualified, diverse candidates.

Q6. How can employers reduce bias when sourcing and screening candidates? What types of training do you offer at your organization?

Nexxt (@NexxtHR), WCN (@WCN_eRec) and Steve Albrecht (@DrSteveAlbrecht) had awesome answers! Even training can suffer from unconscious bias, so leaders need to pay special attention to fair and equal treatment of all candidates and employees.

Q7. How can employers use HR technology to boost diversity recruiting efforts and reduce bias in the sourcing and screening phases?

ClearCompany (@ClearCompany) and Anthony Paradiso (@allthingszap) had rockstar answers! HRTech can focus on diverse talent pools and screen and source resumes to focus more on qualification with an unbiased outlook.

Q8. What books, training or other resources do you recommend for starting or strengthening a diverse hiring program?

Andrew Henck (@MillennialTweet) had a great response. Examine your hiring practices and review your job descriptions. This can help eliminate bias.

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