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#NowPlaying: Instrumental Focus for Writers & Coders


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Music for Writing and Coding

It’s May! And if your Facebook feed wasn’t already filled with memes and GIFs of Justin Timberlake, let me be the first to show you the famous pre-May GIF… because you can’t NOT say this phrase each year. Well, they say 7 is a lucky number and if you’re looking for music for writing or coding, your luck has granted you the perfect playlist to listen to while you create your life’s work. Chill out and hone your focus with our latest playlist titled, “Instrumental Focus for Writers & Coders.” This playlist features mainly instrumental and no-vocal vibes to minimize distraction and increase productivity – the perfect music for writing. Plus, you’ll get to listen to some of the very songs our own writers and coders listen to when making our kickass websites and mind-blowing articles. What are you waiting for? Check it out! Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify so you know exactly when our next playlist rolls out.

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Fact or Fiction? Instrumental Music Increases Focus

According to the article, “Role of music in helping you focus” from toppr, it’s a fact! In fact, while the researchers found that listening to familiar music can be beneficial, they “…recommend listening to instrumental music if you want to hear music while working.” Though instrumental music can help you focus, the article goes on to say you need to make sure you simply, “…observe what improves your efficiency and focus on the tasks at hand.” So, when you’re writing that epic article, or you’re coding your biggest project yet, pay attention to what kind of instrumental songs make you push the hardest. Was it classical? EDM? Dubstep? 8-bit? Metal? Whatever you respond to most, use it to your advantage!

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Shout Out to the Writers

Writers. I’m sure many of you think of them as the person who sits at their computer with a cup of coffee, legs propped up and relaxed, typing a few words whenever “inspiration strikes.” Maybe established authors have that luxury, but in reality, that is the complete opposite of the daily life as a writer. Let me break some stereotypes for you with some facts. Each month, the writers at Red Branch Media write about 75+ articles, pitches over 12 placements and creates more than 15 pieces of special content. To get a closer look into the life of a writer, Marissa Litty, Corporate Communications at Red Branch Media wrote about 5,102 words. Last week. That’s hard work, dedication and focus. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the writers of the world.

“I usually don’t listen to music with vocals when I write, because I tend to either sing along or focus on the story behind the artist’s lyrics. It’s super distracting when you’re trying to find the perfect words for your own story. Luckily, there are so many amazing instrumental options out there! I generally go for orchestras covering movie and video game soundtracks, but I also love EDM, dub and 8-bit. If you just can’t seem to get away from the radio completely, definitely search for some instrumental covers like those by the Vitamin String Quartet.”– Marissa Litty, Corporate Communications at Red Branch Media (@MarissaLitty)

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Shout Out to the Coders

In order to appreciate coders, you have to know what it’s like. Get a glimpse by viewing this comic.

If at all possible, DON’T INTERRUPT YOUR CODERS WHEN THEY’RE WRITING CODE. When a coder is deep in development, they are usually holding many bits of information at once, which have to go into the code they’re writing. When interrupted, they have to start back from scratch. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but make sure it’s important.

The work coders do is calculated and precise. One wrong semi-colon, a misplaced line of code, or a forgotten element can break a website. That kind of risk and strength to get back up and try again when code doesn’t work takes persistence and dedication. But, when everything fits into place and it works, the feeling of creation and sophistication is amazing. Acknowledge the coders out there by taking this time to appreciate all they do.

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Writers and coders contribute more than you might have previously thought. Next time you read a great article or stumble upon an amazing website, take a moment to appreciate the dedication, hard work and focus that went into making it happen. For all you writers and coders out there, thank you for your work and making the internet awesome. This playlist is for you. Give it a listen, below!

may spotify playlist for writers and coders