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#RedBranchWeekly: Performance Management Resolutions We’re Toasting To

By Alison Wurth:

New Year’s resolutions often include eating better, getting fit or saving money. Just as we set our personal resolutions, leaders can utilize the start of the year to set performance management goals and jump-start the year with changes that lead to strong internal teams!

So, cheers to the new year. And, cheers to performance management strategies that are proven successful from our partners. So in this #RedBranchWeekly, we hear from Inspire Software, Caliper and ClearCompany on the best strategies you should implement going into 2019.

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Inspire Software: The Initiate Practice of Leadership: Your Role in Jump-Starting Creativity

Team discussing performance managementLeadership doesn’t mean showing your team exactly how something is done. It’s all about guiding them to be a powerful team on their own. The leadership gurus at Inspire Software know how to generate creative tension within your organization to get things done. The secret? It’s all about having something to strive toward! Take a look at this blog if you want to know exactly how to initiate a creative, goal-oriented team at your organization.

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Caliper: 10 Best Practices for Effective Team Building

Fist bump to performance managementTech is taking over, and there are no signs of it slowing down in the new year. With the automation of time-consuming, repetitive tasks in the workplace it’s more important than ever for organizations to ensure their teams are built for maximum effectiveness. Good teamwork requires a tricky balance. Thankfully, the people at Caliper break down the 10 best practices to make sure your team is in it together and have shared objectives! This is your key resource for getting your team on track and ready for whatever the new year brings.

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ClearCompany: Want to Strengthen Your Team with 360-Reviews? Here are Four Questions to Ask

Performance Management meetingLook, we all know feedback is important. And performance reviews come in many forms. ClearCompany believes that one is often ignored – and it happens to be a very important one! The thing is, most employees don’t don’t dread performance reviews and they want to hear from the people they work with directly! Want to free up time for management, give employees a voice and give employees the feedback they actually need? This article is for you.

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