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How to Turn Your Employees into an Engaged Team

Guest Author: Zoe Price

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There’s a big difference between a regular employee and a member of the team, and it could mean the difference between your company’s success or stagnancy. Keep in mind that the differences we are talking about here are not philosophical ones; they are very real. An employee only works for the money and has little to no tie or loyalty to your organization. A member of the team considers himself/herself to be a part of your organization and is motivated by more than just the salary on offer.

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An engaged team of employees will always work with more sincerity, dedication and efficiency to get the job done together, compared to a bunch of employees working with no real team chemistry between them. How can a leader turn those disconnected employees into a cooperative and engaged team?

Show the Big Picture

It is very important to show your employees the metaphorical big picture with a focus on the small tasks that lead to success. People are greatly motivated by goals, especially when they are told that they have an important role to play in achieving them. Explain to your workers how they play a part in achieving the ultimate objective. Underline how each skill set and overall cooperation is important to attaining the desired result. Be sure to let your key workers know how critical they are, and that their talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Discuss individual roles with them personally while helping coworkers understand their place among the team.

Engage them in Team Building Activities

Highly participative team events such as treasure hunts are an excellent way to build teamwork amongst your employees. It teaches communication in a productive manner, while they learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each member, including their own. Such events are a fun and engaging way to provide challenges, inspire creativity and most importantly, encourage your employees to solve problems as a team.

Forge Personal Relationships

Earlier corporate decorum suggested that one should maintain a strictly professional relationship with one’s employees. Today, however, a personal bond with your employees can be a lot more productive and useful. Be sincere in your team engagement efforts to know them individually and try to remember small details about them. An employee who feels valued by the boss as a person is a lot less likely to leave the company at the lure of a greater salary and will work harder to prove himself/herself.


Accountability is a delicate but useful concept in business. When used properly, it can get people to come together and work hard. When used inappropriately, it can ruin the morale of your employees. For example, shared accountability is a great way to build teamwork because it divides both the difficult and mundane tasks among the team. No one individual is left with an overwhelming workload.

If a teammate often avoids doing his/her work properly without any repercussions while another member is carrying more than he/she is should without any appreciation, morale will falter. Congratulating the entire team on being successful builds team morale, but noticing and rewarding the individuals who played crucial roles in bringing that success is just as pivotal.

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It is imperative that both the bosses and the employees remember that running a company is a team effort and everyone from the support staff to the CEO has a role to play. While the managers and the executives usually know their importance in the corporation, some employees often question their place. It is up to the high ranking officials to make the employees feel like a part of the team. Without their continuing performance, there would be no growth or future for anyone in the company.

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