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23 Reasons Accountability Is Meaningful at Red Branch

By The Branchers:

So, you decided to join us for another blog explaining our company values? By this point, you should know how we define grit, curiosity and naked ambition! However, today we go one step farther and share with you the meaning behind accountability.

Want a low-quality product? Do not come here. We deliver what we say we will. Accountability is vital to us at the branch. Keep reading to discover 24 reasons we find accountability so important at Red Branch Media.

I don’t do spreadsheets but…

To me accountability means taking responsibility more than you take credit. Being accountable means you stay late to do the important things, you help your coworker because your work depends on him or her doing their work well. Accountability means refunding someone’s money when you’ve failed to do the job, or getting yelled at when a junior employee makes a mistake. Accountability is founded in honesty and one of the crucial ingredients for Integrity.

– Maren



Accountability starts with honesty. Being an accountable leader requires setting aside personal pride and admitting your own mistakes.

– Eric


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My teammates keep me accountable. They deliver their best work which inspires me to do the same.

– Kerry



Being accountable means putting your best work forward, no matter the cost, by the set deadline. It doesn’t mean you have to put the weight of the world on your shoulders, though. It’s having that right balance of knowing what you can take on and knowing when you need to reach out to your co-workers for help. Simply put, accountability is priority management.

– Kyle



Accountability at Red Branch Media not only means completing tasks when we say we will but ensuring they’re done to the best of our ability. Doing so allows us to create a relationship of trust and fulfillment with our clients.

– Shalaina



Accountability is following through on your promises to not only yourself but your clients and your team. If you promise to do something, DO IT or ask for help.

– Kristine



We do great work, no less. That means we can always count on each other; and therefore, our clients can always count on us to get the job done well.

– Bach



Accountability is the act of being personally responsible for your actions, taking ownership in the result of your work and life in general. Accountability cannot be delegated and will determine whether you succeed or fail. The quicker you become accountable, the quicker you can solve your problems.

– Kaleb



Accountability, to me, is knowing that your team can depend on you to get your work done and for it to be the best version you can offer. Being accountable is more than just getting your work done, but taking responsibility for the good and the bad. Things aren’t always going to go smoothly, but getting your team through it is what makes you an accountable and reliable person.

– Molly



Accountability, to me, is knowing that you can fake it till you make it, but you best be learning and growing along the way! Take the time to learn new skills, research new technology and prepare your marketing strategies so you can rely on your own expertise in those situations.

– Jimmy



To me, accountability means to hold both myself and my coworkers responsible for their actions and responsibilities. In the end, it’s the difference between success and failure. It’s taking ownership when things go wrong and taking the first step to fix the problem.

– Alison



Here at the Branch, accountability starts at the personal level. Each member of our team prioritizes their tasks and knocks them out one at a time, day after day. This personal accountability strengthens the trust that we have in each other and allows us to succeed as a team.

– Maggie



Being accountable means delivering what you say you will when you say you will. At the Branch, our jobs are often dependent on each other’s work. With accountability, we are able to present our clients with their deliverables each and every week.

– Anna



Much like our other values, accountability is in the framework of how we do things at Red Branch. The key to our success is that every single member of the team holds one another accountable. Whether it be a daily task or a monthly project, we hold each other accountable to get our deliverables completed on time.

– Nick



Cranking out articles and campaigns isn’t the only thing that defines accountability at RBM. Being accountable means taking on what you can to help your team, meeting deadlines and asking for help when you need it. You’re not going to have time for everything, but make sure you’re doing what you can so your team isn’t left picking up the pieces.

– Cassie



Accountability is huge at the Branch. Sticking to our deadlines helps keep people and tasks moving on the right track, so we can produce exactly what we said we would. Our accountability is what differentiates us from the rest.

– Madison



Accountability is vital at Red Branch! We are a team, so every position at the branch effects the next. As a designer, I am responsible for managing my time and ensuring I hit deadlines in order to present my part to the next individual until the client ultimately receives our hard work.

– Mackenzie



When we say we’ll do something, we get it done. It doesn’t matter if anyone’s holding us accountable or not. The statements we make are the promises we keep. Sure, there are environmental factors which influence our results. We know that, and we consider that in what we say. However, what we do is deliver results. It’s our promise and our own accountability.

– Mitchell



To me, accountability is having the integrity and respect for yourself and others to own your choices and be answerable for the results regardless of the outcome. When we hold ourselves and each other accountable it builds trust and encourages a healthy environment that strengthens Red Branch’s commitment to getting improved results, every time.

– Andrea



Accountability isn’t always linked to success. It’s almost more important to hold yourself responsible when you fall short. It’s about getting up the 8th time, after falling down 7 times. Accountability at Red Branch means there are going to be times you’ll need to hold yourself accountable, but always knowing your team has your back to reach success.

– Hannah



Accountability is the responsibility to get work done. As an Account Strategist at Red Branch, it is my responsibility and part of my job to hold my team accountable. I hold them accountable by keeping everyone on task, making sure deadlines aren’t missed and also providing our clients our best work and full effort. Success is impossible if accountability doesn’t exist.

– Jessica



Accountability to me refers to being responsible and accountable for the work that I do and the work that my team does. It’s the drive, determination and responsibility to get your work done and delivering the best material possible to your team and clients.

– Tridia



Accountability is making good on your promises regardless of roadblocks. As a Content Strategist, that means meeting my deadlines and delivering high-quality work every time.

– Jenny



Accountability is just one of Red Branch’s core values. Interested in seeing the other core values? Check them out here and, if you’re curious enough, look at our job openings to be a Brancher!