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#RedBranchWeekly: 4 Steps for Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent

Are your recruiting processes not giving you the results you expect? Are you looking to revamp things and take the time to find the perfect talent for your company? If so, you need to check out these four tips! With graduation coming up and the growing competition for talent, it’s important to emphasize the need for a good recruiting strategy. First, Talent Tech Labs shows you how hidden assessments can help hone in on right-fit talent. Then, iRevü gives you fifteen different ways to improve your performance evaluations.

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retaining top talentTalent Tech Labs: How Hidden Assessments Help You Hone In On Right-Fit Talent 

The candidate experience can be majorly disrupted by a lengthy hiring process. After applicants get through the application process, they typically go through a preliminary screening process which may lead to taking some sort of assessment. We’ve been discussing assessments a lot lately because we think the Talent Acquisition community should make them top of mind. Read this…

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retaining top talentiRevü: 15 Ways to Improve Performance Evaluations

In the modern workplace, performance reviews and evaluations are a necessary evil. As a manager, you probably don’t like giving them and it’s no surprise that only 55% of respondents in a recent study stated that these performance processes had a positive impact on the organizations. So, what can you do? Find out here:

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retaining top talentClearCompany: How to Convince Management to Give You a Larger Recruiting Budget

Around 62% of companies expect their hiring volume to rise, but only 42% say their recruitment budget will increase. Once again, HR is going to be asked to do more with less. Asking for additional budget, even for a program you really could use, can be daunting. So it’s crucial to be prepared. Check this out…

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retaining top talentPeopleTicker: 4 Ways to Retain Contingent Workers

This may come as a surprise, but contingent workers aren’t always treated the same as their full-time counterparts. Since their involvement is short-term, they are often the odd man out when it comes to events and company gatherings. This may even extend to things like feedback, engagement, and even recognition. This disparity is worth looking into, considering contingent workers make up a good portion of today’s workforce. So, why skimp out on making them feel like a part of the team? Take a look…

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