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#RedBranchWeekly: Tips and Tricks to Optimize Productivity

Spring is just around the corner which means your team may be experiencing a little spring fever. A restless team can have a serious effect on the level of productivity in the office. Luckily, our clients this week have come to the rescue with some tips and tricks to optimize productivity today. ClearCompany threw out some inspirational quotes to surely keep any team on track when it comes to performance goals. Reviewsnap also stepped in to help with 10 quick tips to increase productivity today. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these! Keep on scrolling for more tips…


goalClearCompany: 10 Inspirational Quotes to Keep Your Performance Goals on Track

The enormous, interlinked web that is the organizational goal alignment process can seem daunting at first glance. But as we’ve been discussing, successful goal alignment can be achieved with the right roadmap and technology. Setting up your own roadmap doesn’t have to be a headache if you do your homework. Start now!



increase-your-productivityReviewsnap: 10 Quick Tips to Increase Your Productivity Today

According to research, absences from work are increased due to high levels of stress for employees. The average sick days are 4.6 days per a year compared to 2.6 days for those who had low stress. Those who experienced more stress were 50% more unproductive than those with low stress. Beat those stats with these tips!



creating-teamsiRevü: Creating Teams: Ask the Professionals

How do you create high performing teams? That’s the million dollar question and there’s no simple answer. Every team is different and is comprised of varying personalities, communication styles and motivators. There is no secret recipe to creating a high performing team, but insights from people that have been there and done that can lead us in the right direction.



work-life-balanceVitru: Value Series: Supporting Your Work-Life Balance Employees

Those who value Balance recognize the importance of a balanced work life and personal life and separate time for play, work and family. They prefer a work environment where the business makes balancing work life and personal life possible through its commitment to both business and personal success.



volunteeringJK Group: 4 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Employee Volunteering

Volunteerism has been shown to positively impact a person’s overall health, mood and performance in their professional work. This realization has brought to light the effect employee volunteering has not only on individual employee performance, but also on how a company meets corporate responsibility goals, and business goals. Learn more!


employee-onboardingClick Boarding: Employee Onboarding for Startups: Yes, It’s Worth It

For those employed at a fresh, new startup, or even a mature startup, the idea of spending resources on an area like new employee onboarding might seem questionable. See why that’s not the truth…