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#RedBranchWeekly: End of the Year Resources for the Busy HR Team

The end of the year can be a fairly hectic time for HR teams. Right now, we’re amidst open enrollment and ACA reporting will soon follow. Meanwhile, many management teams are arranging and organizing annual performance reviews. And of course, between all this, the holidays are a busy time for employee volunteering and giving programs. Thankfully, our partners at CyberGrants, ClearCompany and iRevü have resources perfect for helping your busy HR team get through the end of the year.

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employee volunteer program plantingCyberGrants: Employee Volunteer Programs Articles & Resources

Do you wish to start a employee volunteer program? Maybe you have one started but need help managing it for growth. CyberGrants has created and collected a ton of great information on the volunteer program struggles you face. The page is updated frequently and has everything from downloadable resources to quick advice articles. We recommend bookmarking. Find it here!

busy hr professional looking out window at city skylineClearCompany: Preparing for 2018 ACA Reporting? Here’s What You Need to Know

Benefits administration teams are always scrambling when November begins. Open enrollment has begun and will continue into December. The 2018 ACA reporting deadline will be fast approaching after. This article has all the deadlines and changes your team needs to know as well as links to additional resources. Read it here.

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iRevü: Painful End of the Year Reviews

Many HR professionals and managers face a painful performance review time come the end of the year. Especially if their organization relies on annual reviews for performance management. In fact, 52% of companies conduct annual reviews. It is difficult to remember everything about an employee’s previous 12 months. Want to make the annual review season a bit less painful? Check this out!

Bonus: How To Prepare For HR Year-End: A Checklist To Get Started

Did this RedBranchWeekly have you a little nauseous? Don’t worry. Busy HR teams of every size are overwhelmed by the deadlines, paperwork and so on. This checklist will keep your head on straight and lead you to completed deliverables without stress. Download it here!