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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Build an Inclusive Culture from the Beginning

This week on Red Branch Weekly we’re back to talk more about cultural fit, diversity and inclusivity. While all related, these aspects of your workforce are very different but equally as important to a successful workplace. What can you do to ensure you’re addressing each? ClearCompany has jumped in to help out with a how-to about balancing cultural fit and diversity and Talent Tech Labs is showcasing a case study from Lever on building an inclusive culture. All while WCN chimes in with the benefits of data-driven recruitment and improving diversity hiring initiatives. Keep on scrolling to learn more!

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Balance-Cultural-Fit-with-DiversityClearCompany: How to Balance Cultural Fit with Diversity

Hire for cultural fit, but make sure there’s room for diversity. Why? Because with a strong company culture, employees are happier and more productive and diverse teams outperform less diverse teams by an average of 35%. Learn more in ClearCompany’s latest blog post…

work cultureTalent Tech Labs: #HROS: How Lever Builds an Inclusive Culture

As anyone who’s been part of a fast-growing company knows, decisions and choices made a long time ago often need to be re-explained so new hires can be caught up. This practice is something that helps create an inclusive culture. Read how in this case study from HR Open Source…

data drivenWCN: The Benefits, Tactics & Metrics of Data-Driven Recruiting You Can’t Ignore

We’re ready to help you shake things up with a more data-driven approach to recruitment. Culling data to inform your recruitment strategy has many benefits like improving diversity initiatives and tapping into quality talent pools you didn’t even know existed. Get ready to be amazed by all you can do with the power of data in WCN’s latest post…

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