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#RedBranchWeekly: Inspire Your Employees This Holiday Season With These Tips

Don’t let your employees lose their motivation now, the year is almost over! Motivate and inspire your employees with these best practices this holiday season. Reviewsnap gives some tips on how to inspire high performance during the holidays. Find out how what Vector has to say about keeping employees healthy during the holidays to keep motivation up. Then read up on what to keep OUT of performance reviews from ClearCompany. Get some more useful advice by signing up for our newsletter!


InspireReviewsnap: 4 Ways to Inspire Top Performance During the Holidays

It always feels like the holidays show up out of nowhere, rolling down the hill as if they are a giant snowball at the speed of light. Before we know it, we’re knee deep in snow and belly deep in cookies and eggnog. This fevered pace is reflected in our workplaces too. Work around the holidays can be either terrifyingly busy or slower than ever imaginable. Find a middle ground with these performance management tactics this holiday season…


InspireVector Talent Resources: Eat, Drink & Be Healthy With Corporate Wellness this Winter

Holiday weight gain varies depending on the person, and most of us expect to gain 5 to 10 pounds in those willpower-free days between Thanksgiving and the New Year. But take heart, most holiday weight gain averages out to about 3.5 pounds. While 3.5 pounds is harmless, bad habits and continuous weight gain can follow if action isn’t taken after the holidays. Want to avoid keeping those pesky 3.5 pounds? What about your employees? Looking to help them navigate the carb-laden waters of holiday feasting? Read more…


InspireClearCompany: The Idiosyncratic Rater Effect & How It’s Ruining Your Performance Reviews

You’ve been a manager for some time, and you have a pretty good read on most people. Or, at least, you’d like to think you do. You strive to rate employees in the most objective way possible, but if you’re doing it based only from your own perspective, reviews are not as effective as they could be. If anything, they are really more of a reflection on yourself, not your employees or colleagues. Marcus Buckingham, in a Harvard Business Review article, states: “…on average, 61% of my rating of you is a reflection of me.” Read more…


InspirePeopleTicker: Compensation Matters to Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron and You

No matter how much you make,compensation matters. Whether you’re singing in a world tour, acting in a movie, playing in one of the largest stadiums in the US, or leading a nation, you’re getting paid for the work you do and how you do it. What do the highest paid of each of these industries actually make? Check out these numbers from 2016:



InspireCyberGrants: #GivingTuesday Recap: $7 Million in Donations, Up 61%

As you know, GivingTuesday is an international movement to give back to our communities after Thanksgiving and the consumerism of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. It’s always CyberGrants’ busiest, most impactful day of the year. You could say it’s our version of the Super Bowl. This year, we’re proud to announce our clients made an incredible impact on that $168 million. Take a look at a few of CyberGrants biggest GivingTuesday wins: