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#RedBranchWeekly: Tips for Job Ads to Company Culture and Everything In-between

How do you bring in top talent and keep them? It’s no easy feat, we can tell you that. Our clients have some of the best tips and tricks this week to make it happen from job ads to company culture and the in-betweens. ClearCompany started us off with the best job ad advice ever. Then Vitru gave us the tricks on how to form company culture rather than force it. Finally, Reviewsnap advised on investing in performance management even if you are getting rid of the annual review. Keep on reading for more tips to draw in and keep top talent…


job-ad-adviceClearCompany: The Best Job Ad Advice We’ve Ever Had

Oh, the job ad. Your very first impression on a candidate that can either pull them in or push them away. 80% of the respondents in a recent survey actively use career websites to find information about a potential employer. Check out this job ad advice refresher! Read more…



company-cultureVitru: Tired of Forcing Company Culture? Start Forming It Instead

Company culture is organic. It’s not bought, it’s not manufactured. A true company culture is grown slowly and naturally by the people who work for it, and is unique to every company. Actions, decisions and personalities come together to produce something greater than the token ping-pong table. Keep reading…



invest-in-performance-managementReviewsnap: 4 Reasons to Invest More in Performance Management This Year

Just because companies are doing away with traditional performance management doesn’t mean they should be cutting back on budget or reallocating spend to somewhere else. In fact, they should be investing even more into performance management. Read more….



transparent-expectationsiRevu: What’s Your Feedback Goal? Transparent Expectations [Part 5]

Fifty-three percent of employees say performance reviews don’t motivate them to work harder. That’s why organizations and HR departments slash the annual performance review in lieu of better, more efficient ways to deliver assessments.As a manager, you are sending microfeedback with a specific goal in mind for your employee. Learn more…


hireVector Talent Resources: You’re Only as Good as Your Last Hire

73% of hiring managers surveyed said hiring a bad candidate costs much more than just keeping the position open. Yikes! As with many parts of life, it’s important that we learn from the past. To avoid the expense and stress of a bad hire, remember you’re only as good as your last hire and incorporate these 4 principles into your recruitment and strategic staffing process. Read more…