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#RedBranchWeekly: Using Today’s Labor Market to Your Advantage: 5 Tips

Today’s tight labor market has proven to be a challenge for many companies. Talent is falling short and jobs are opening up left and right, so how can we turn this into a positive? Using the downfalls of the tight labor market can be beneficial for those who know what to expect. That’s why PeopleTicker first tells you exactly what to expect in today’s labor market. Then, ClearCompany gives you some tips on how to get new hires to hit the ground running once you have found that top talent. Looking for more information that isn’t in this #RedBranchWeekly? Sign up for our newsletter to receive some more.

labor marketPeopleTicker: ATTN CHROS: What to Expect in Today’s Tight Labor Market

Today’s tight labor market is a primary concern for CHROs in terms of labor shortages and inflationary pressures. With the strong economy, there is a broad range of employment opportunities, making hiring and recruiting more competitive than ever. The challenge of finding good people, paying them a competitive wage and not compromising your company’s requirements is prevalent. Since hiring growth has been strong, there is a good possibility that a tightening job market will continue. Read more…

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labor marketClearCompany: How to Get New Hires to Hit the Ground Running: 10 Tips

While an organization cannot completely rid the chance of a bad hire, it’s onboarding that can make or break the success of a candidate. Often times, the strategy is simply, “Here is your desk, get to work,” along with the misconception that you should throw new employees in at the deep end. The new hire then struggles to stay afloat, keeping them from excelling in this new role. Given this stark reality, here are 10 ways you can help your new hires hit the ground running…

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labor marketiRevü: How Leaders Can Provide Feedback and Manage Conflict

Between project delays, common human error and technology glitches, businesses can’t afford to have poor conflict management practices. On a bad day, a small remark can make a big dent in productivity. One word, phrase or change can set someone off.How can leaders work toward a solution? Provide employees with the right feedback to help manage workplace conflicts with this 3-step process. Read this…

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labor marketTalent Tech Labs: Calling All Interested In Talent Acquisition: We Want to Hear From You!

We’ve just released the Talent Tech Labs 2017 State of Corporate Talent Acquisition Technology Survey, a quick 10-minute survey to help us better understand the needs, uses and adoption of Talent Acquisition Technology. Find out what we’ll be diving into…

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labor marketCyberGrants: How to Optimize Your Grants Lifecycle for a Better ROI

Grants are a spark for the nonprofit fire and often an investment for the organizations who offer them. Without the opportunities presented by grants, many communities or issues would be overlooked and underfinanced. Usually, the easy part of the grant is deciding who or what you would like the reward to help. The hard part is choosing the right nonprofit and ensuring all the work is making lasting change. Keep reading…

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