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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Ways to Achieve Your Company Goals

Whether focusing on your company mission, engaging with employees, or even perfecting your hiring process there are a lot of things that go into achieving company goals. Being pulled in so many directions can make your head spin. But, have no fear! Situations like these are exactly why companies like ClearCompany offer a look inside how to be mission-driven. Or, iRevü, who explains giving feedback and engaging employees doesn’t mean you only see them once a year for that annual review.

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employees working togetherClearCompany: Mission-Driven Companies: How to Build (and Hire for) One

Every successful company has a well-defined mission and vision that builds purpose into their day-to-day. A mission-driven culture not only embraces the company mission statement, it reinforces it in every decision made – from organizational strategy through to hiring and firing. Find out more…

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employee reading his performance reviewiRevü: Why Employees Love Feedback But Hate Reviews

There’s no denying that employees want feedback. And, as millennials continue to enter the workforce, the want and need for feedback is only going to grow as they take over 75% of the global workforce. But, what if those who want feedback hate the idea of performance reviews? Here’s your answer…

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recruiter typing on computerTalent Tech Labs: API: WHY?

The majority of recruiting and talent acquisition teams today are using multiple tools to find, attract, and engage talent and for 2016, 46% of organizations anticipated increased spending for their HR technologies. The problem with using a variety of tools, though, is it can slow down the process as these tools likely do not communicate with each other. Learn more…

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