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Signs You’ve Irritated Your Coworkers

It can be difficult at times to determine how your coworkers feel about you. Some come right out and tell you to make sure that you and they are always on the same page. However, aside from these social unicorns, most people bottle up their resentment. They let it slowly fester and build until one day you find yourself wondering why your references aren’t giving you glowing reviews, everybody on your Covve contact list stops responding and you have become a social pariah.

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The damage a poor reputation can do to your career should not be underestimated. To that end, we have listed out a few signs that you’ve irritated your coworkers and need to mend fences ASAP.

Nobody Ever Says Anything Bad to Your Face

This seems counter-intuitive, but it can be a sign that you’ve alienated the people around you. If you have a reputation for being a jerk, nobody wants to risk setting you off, so they’ll never tell you anything bad. This, obviously, makes self-improvement more difficult because you are not being told what to work on.

Nobody on this earth is perfect, and if you find no one is willing to challenge you or say anything negative, then you have to ask yourself – are you really that perfect? Or are people afraid of you? If you believe you really are that perfect, then you’ve also found out the source of the problem.

You’re Ignored

This can be especially difficult to detect if you only communicate via email. One sure sign that your coworkers have lost all respect for you is when you are ignored. If people do not read the emails you send or ignore what you have to say at meetings, they clearly do not hold your opinions in high enough esteem.

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You Feel Like You’re in High School

People naturally gravitate towards those they like, but adults have learned there is nothing wrong with other groups. In fact, we’re quickly learning how diversity improves innovation and workplace productivity. However, if you find yourself feeling like the weird kid at a high school, chances are you’re being shunned. This takes the form of being excluded from various cliques and gossip or rumors.

It Feels Like Your Boss is Out to Get You

You are going to make mistakes, and it is the job of management to correct those mistakes and help you improve. However, there is a line between helping an employee improve and targeting that employee. If you are being singled out for every slight, or if it feels like mistakes are being invented purely to attack you with, then it is likely you are on the outs with somebody important.

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Body Language

The most obvious part of knowing that you’ve irritated your coworkers stems from simple body language. You will know you are on the outs with a group just by how they act. The one sure sign that things have reached a critical low is the sneer – the slightly upturned lip and raised chin to create the image of looking down on you. If somebody is giving you that look, your only options at that point are to figure out what went wrong or – if it’s an employer – start looking for a new place to work.

Prevention is the Best Approach

While there are many ways to tell if you have irritated your coworkers if you are seeing these signs it might be too late to repair the damage. As such, remember that your best approach is to prevent distrust in the first place. Always be willing to evaluate your own actions. If you realize you were wrong, there is no shame in apologizing. If you do not push anyone away, you won’t need to expend effort bringing them back into your fold.

Guest Author: Zoe Price

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