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Top 10 #EB Tweets From Last Week

At Red Branch Media, we’re among the queens and kings of #EmployerBranding. But, we aren’t alone. Everyone knows about Crystal Miller Lay, Will Staney, Susan LaMotte, Lars Schmidt and Carrie Corbin (to name…drop a few!) But what are the EB folks out there who are outside the aforementioned pantheon of EB gods and goddesses (I know we’re missing some okay)?

We’ve taken a look at some of the best employer branding tweets with fresh eyes —  and thought we’d share a bit of the knowledge. These tweets have been chosen because they are inspirational, educational, or just plain #realtalk when it comes to the industry.

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Creativity is the center of everything we do here at The Branch, and that includes how we form our employer brand. Without a little creativity, yours could lack the luster it so desperately needs. With that in mind, here’s some good words to live by:


What exactly does employer brand do? If you’re new to this industry you could be asking yourself that very question. And, the truth is, it benefits your company and team in more ways than one. But, how you choose to go about it is your responsibility. There is no magic fix:


What’s better than an amazing GIF to go along with explaining one of the many aspects of employer branding? Nothing, that’s what. #StoryTelling is just one part of a huge pizza pie, but it is very important. Are you taking your company stories seriously?


It’s a no brainer we love visuals, especially when they are quick to get the point across and help others understand the aspect of why paying attention to employer brand is so important. If this stat is true, make sure you’re giving your audience something to actually look at. Wow them!


Remember those “Real Talk” tweets we were talking about? This is the perfect example and proves that employer brand isn’t JUST about the business. Employees matter too! What do your team members have to say? Use their experience as a way to show people what you’re like on the inside. Afterall, people want to know the truth about the companies they are affiliated with, and this is the easiest way to do it.


What’s the goal of employer brand anyways? Depending on your own company’s objectives, it could be a few different things. But, one thing is for sure – it has to do with how others see you. And, that includes the people who work in your company. Make them feel proud!


So, we’ve seen the benefits of employer branding and established an overall goal, but what ultimately BUILDS such a thing? Just like any relationship, it’s all about this one key ingredient that ties it all together. Without this, your employees, customers, and clients could all move on to bigger and better things.


The best way to really let your audience see the true you? Let them hear it from your employees themselves. Employee generated content is some of the best you can provide, and it makes content creation itself easier and faster. A win-win! So, how do you even start the process to link the two together? This visual breaks it down.


#SourceCon just wrapped up and they had the best insights when it came to #employerbranding. Spoiler alert: employer branding creates numbers in a BIG way! Don’t believe us? Take a gander at this slide of knowledge.


Who would we be if we didn’t include one of our own? We are experts after all! So, did you know this employer branding fact? It may be a little scary when one person has a bad experience, but it’s not the end of the world and you shouldn’t treat it as such. Instead, use it as a learning opportunity.

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