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A Visual Diary: Kicking Coronavirus Without a Cape

Omaha coronavirus photo of vehicle

“What a weird time to be alive.” -The exact sentence I’ve proclaimed every day for the last several weeks. 

For starters, you know times are strange when you’re writing an article for the public to see with “my diary” in the title. A month ago, I would have laughed at the idea of including such a personal element in an article. But the world is just that right now…weird.

Coronavirus altered the world as we know it. It seems every aspect of our lives has shifted. It’s impossible not to be taken aback by what is happening all around us. We’re all figuring out our “new normal” and how to cope with the abundance of changes.

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Years from now, children will be reading about this in their history classes. What’s happening to us right now is worth remembering. That’s how I got the idea to document my “new normal” through photography.  I started by taking pictures of the eerie barrenness of typically populated spots, then all the new signs that appeared on restaurant or company doors. But then I thought, in years from now, how do I want those children remembering how we handled this pandemic?

Below is my visual diary honoring the essential workers keeping our economy moving during this crisis.

Omaha coronavirus photo of walmart entrance


When you turn on the news or check out the notifications on your phone, it’s evident how hard our healthcare providers and first responders are working to help us in this time of need. There are stories of doctors working 15-hour shifts just to come home and get in an RV in the front yard to avoid getting their family sick. They’re putting everything on the line and giving up their cherished family time to ensure lives are saved, and this pandemic is stopped. But what is everyone else doing? How is everyone contributing to this historic time?

I decided to look at the invisible workforce that is working tirelessly to ensure the rest of us have what we need to function. I began by going to the grocery store. The moment you approach the door, you’re greeted by caution tape, a police offer, and an employee tallying the number of visitors in the store to maintain the maximum they allow. Before even walking in the door, each employee I saw was essential to slow the spread of this virus.

The caution tape guides shoppers in and encourages them to follow social distancing, the officer was stationed to enforce the new guidelines, and employees were regulating the number of shoppers allowed in at once. In the past, I may not have noticed these workers, but now I know they are heroes. They are doing what they can to help provide for those of us that are quarantining. Thank you for your bravery during this time, grocery store workers.

Omaha coronavirus photo of pizza place Omaha coronavirus photo of construction


I then looked to our delivery drivers who are providing critical supplies to our doorsteps — an essential service that’s minimizing the spread. Individuals at home are still receiving food, cleaning supplies, and necessary items to get by. Delivery services like this have also ramped up their hiring to support the people relying on them. In return, this is supporting our economy by employing those that have been furloughed or lost their job during this stressful time.

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Food delivery services are also working hard to keep the economy afloat and provide for those at home. Companies like GrubHub and UberEats have altered their mission to ensure safety. New rules have been implemented, like faceless deliveries and local delivery fees waived. You never know who you are feeding; maybe it is a grandparent who doesn’t feel safe grocery shopping or a nurse who doesn’t have time to cook after a long day.

From this journey, I’ve learned that everyone is essential to end this crisis. Our role in this, no matter how small or large, is essential. Are you a business owner that had the bravery to trust your employees to work remotely? Thank you. Are you a parent that is at home with your children working while trying to homeschool? Thank you. Are you a first responder catering directly to the sick? Thank you!

And to those invisible workers,  if in the past your role was overlooked, I apologize and would like to sincerely thank you for what you do. You are important. You are doing your part. We are grateful for you. You are heroes, regardless if you wear a cape or not!

How will what you are doing now be remembered?

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