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You Wanna Know Why I’m Excited for SHRM 2015?

Understanding the world of HR is a daily to-do in my role. I write about hot topics, some not-so hot topics, and even a couple that are (apparently) a little taboo in the HR world. While I do glean a plethora of information from the internet, there is still nothing like experiencing it live with your colleagues. Everything from talent management to business strategies, you name it, after a year and a half, there’s a good chance I’ve read a few opinions on the matter.

This year, I have the privilege of attending the SHRM 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition (Woo!). To be honest, I have never been more excited about HR, and here’s why:


I have never been to a conference for work.

I know many business leaders hate to travel for work. Maybe it’s because I’m new in the professional world, or maybe I’m still looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but I honestly can’t wait for the hustle and bustle of a business trip. I get to tell my mom I’m going on a business trip. After a string of retail shops and government jobs, a position that can take me to real places (not just the metaphorical leadership ladder) is exhilarating.

I get to (basically) meet celebrities.

No, it’s not like Brad Pitt walking into my dining room for Thanksgiving… What’s truly exciting about the conference is that I will finally get to meet all of these people I have been quoting in my content for the last year and a half. Take Steve Browne (@sbrownehr), for example. I have never met the man in person, but I have quoted him more times than I can count. AND I get to hear him speak during the Mega Session.

HR is exciting! But really.

When I started at Red Branch, I thought HR was the room in the basement with all of the employee filing cabinets and librarian-style staff who would point you in the right direction if you needed some blueprints or paperwork. After all, that’s how it was at all of the other companies I have worked for. Little did I know it’s a vast world of complex and intricate systems that are at the root of employer success. Behavioral science, public affairs, business, psychology, diversity – you name it, and it’s probably an ingredient to a robust HR department.

Basketball is the greatest sport.

Basketball has everything to do with HR if you really think about it. Teamwork, skill development, leadership development… It’s actually a relevant segway to an expert on teamwork and team development, (drumroll please) Coach Michael Kryzewski, better known as Coach K. He has developed legendary teams; so really, all of us in HR and recruiting have a thing or two to learn about what it takes to recruit and develop teams with this level of skill. As ironic as it is, he currently coaches Duke University’s basketball team… coincidence? I think not.


I am not a seasoned HR professional, I have never been to SHRM (much less any kind of work conference), nor am I an expert in any particular field within HR. But that’s why I am so ready and willing to go. I am doe-eyed and eager to learn and meet every one of the professionals I have read about as a content creator. Between the number of speakers and other experienced HR pros that will be there (including @marenhogan), it’s the perfect way to reignite the HR flame! (And Coach K might be the cherry on top of the SHRM sundae for me).