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#WorkTrends Recap: Workplace Intelligence & Your Organization

There are many facets that go into creating a versatile company, but have you heard of Workplace Intelligence (WQ)? Essentially, Workplace Intelligence is the art of creating a better experience at work to drive tangible business results.

Mark Babbit (@MarkSBabbit) and Shawn Murphy (@TheShawnMurphy) hosted this week’s #WorkTrends live podcast and participated in Twitter chats immediately following. If you missed this week’s exciting and insightful #WorkTrends, don’t fret. We have compiled a list of the best tweets from the experts and companies who participated.

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Take a look below and discover the power of Workplace Intelligence.

Q1. How does knowing the current level or Workplace Intelligence build a great culture?

Our favorite takeaways from question 1 are from Codi Shewan (@codishewan) and Shawn Murphy. It is crucial to know where your team and organization stand. With an accurate idea of your starting point, you can take steps to move forward. One of the biggest mistakes workplaces make is implementing an idea or new process with no experimentation phase. Take smart steps to move in the direction you want to go, don’t just jump in head first.

Q2. What initial steps can a company take to improve their Work Intelligence?

We thought Tim Kuppler (@TimKuppler), Andrew Henck @MillennialTweet and Mark Babbitt (@MarkSBabbitt) had spot on answers! Asking tough questions and actively listening to answers and implementing the best ideas is critical to advancing a business. Always measure the results of your work. A business cannot succeed without knowing where they prevail or where they don’t quite cut it.

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Q3. How can employees and managers create a viral and unique Work Intelligence?

CyberGrants (@CyberGrants), Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella and Kathleen Kruse (@kkruse) had rockstar answers! Focus on employee satisfaction and create a transparent line of communication. Happy employees will work harder for your business success.

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